Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Heart, The Centre of Soul

Written by Mas Eddy Sugianto

Assalamualaikum wa wa rohmatullahi barokatuh ... ... ... ..

Islam is peaceful religion-Friend, why are there some Muslim spiritualist who feel that the spiritual world and religion are separate, so feel the need to combine them. And why also there are many practitioners who claim spiritual energy, can see auras, and so forth but their ethics are so bad.

Muslim spiritualist who feel the separation between religion and spirituality, often using methods that are not Islamic. Although he was also wearing a sentence toyibah remembrance. Since the main characteristic is to make Chakra Ajna & Crown Chakra as the center of his soul. Yang postscript that means the power of BRAIN. Or spirituality is centered in the brain, which was also discovered by Western scientists as God Spot.

While the Prophet was clearly mentioned that the core of Spirituality A human being is at his heart and not in his brain ... ..."Unable to load the Essence of my earth and my sky, except for" Heart "My servants who believe, soft and calm (Abu Dawud). I think these all will us live in peaceful life, and more believe that islam is peaceful religion.

The liver is the most important part of the human body. This heart will not be released from liability was doing in the Hereafter, as Allah says: "Verily, hearing, sight and hearts, all that will be asked questioned." (Al-Isra: 36).

Position of the liver in the human body with the other members are like a king with the whole army and people, which are all subject to the authority and command, and works in accordance with what he wanted.
"Know that in this body there is a lump of flesh, when a lump of meat is good, then everything will be good, and if a piece of meat is bad, then it will jeleklah all, know that a piece of meat that is qolbu." (Narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslims).
Increased awareness of the ascent path of non-Muslims is to unite with the Self or God Actually residing in man. Or also called Atman or the Holy Spirit or the Super Ego. And for those that reside in the brain. Which in this case the brain is the spiritual dimension Crown Chakra.

Though awareness that emerges from the new Brain Awareness Awareness nyampe on Reason & intuitive, meaning and self-interest ratio is who were the criterion. So benchmarks are rationality of moral values ​​... ..
Or if the review from the point of the energy body layer, it just nyampe on Personal Spiritual Awareness or Consciousness Soul level 3 (Nafsul Radliyah). While the Energy Body is the highest layer or Perfect Soul Consciousness (Insan Kamil) and also Consciousness Ruh al-Quds was residing in qolbu. And only through qolbu which is where Al-Qus bersemayamnya Ruh Ruh or Divine Consciousness alone beam can be channeled into the Light of God within us and illuminates our consciousness. Only through our Conscience alone is able to connect with God Almighty. Which view of God's heart is the center.
Messenger of Allah said, "Verily, Allah does not look to the body and the way you, but God will see to your hearts." (Muslim)
Intellect-consciousness Budi & intuitive that arise from consciousness in the human brain does not get Qolbunya radiance of divine light, it will not recognize the noble values ​​derived from the Deity Supreme Cosmic Nature, and morals as well as the layout is not based ethich guidance of God. Morals & Manners for the awareness of their mind is just based on pure logic & rationality. So the order of noble character who must be in accordance with Rationality & Logic. So that when moral values ​​are not in accordance with the ratio, the ratio rejected it for them.

As for Muslim practitioners, a new awareness that a third of the way, not all. Because it is new to the spiritual self that is not connected with the Divine Nature. For Practitioners Muslims, after knowing his true self at the level of personal spiritual awareness, the soul journey continues to draw near to God through a spirituality center based in Qolbu.


 In the eastern belief, humans have the Energy Body. The public schools say that the human energy body there are 7 (seven) Lapis. :

1. First-tier Energy Body: Physical Body
2. Second-tier Energy Body: Body EGO [etheric body or the body's prana].
3. Third-tier Energy Body: Body Astral / Emotional Body
4. Ply Four Body Energy Body Mind / Body Mental or Psychic Body
5. Lapis Fifth Energy Body: Spiritual Body (Soul level 3/Nafsu Radliyah)
6. Lapis Sixth Energy Body: Body of Cosmic Consciousness or the Universal Soul Body (Soul level 2/Nafsu Mardliyah). Connected to the Center of the Universe is the macrocosm in the Kaaba.
7. The seven layers of Body Energy: Natural Awareness Universal Life Perfect (We're the Soul level 1/Nafsu / Insan Kamil) and Nature Awareness Ruh al-Quds (the Spirit of Divine Consciousness). Connected to the Center of the Universe at the Throne of GOD Mahakosmos.

Many practitioners, especially Muslims who pay attention to the moral problems of God, argued that the human heart is the key subject matter to the knowledge of God. Liver, as the door and introduce the perfection of the means God Himself. Muslim Spiritualists mainly from among the congregation, treatment focuses on qolbu sense ... as the Center for Mental ..."Unable to load the Essence of my earth and my sky, except for" Heart "My servants who believe, soft and calm (Abu Dawud).

Only through the "hearts of men" true balance between God and the cosmos can be achieved.
The Qur'an uses the term qalb (heart) 132 times, the basic meaning of that word is flipped, go back, go back and forth, changing, up and down. Taken from the background liver has a trait that is always changing, because the heart is the locus of good and evil, truth and error.
The heart is the place where God reveals Himself to man. His presence felt in the heart, and the revelation and inspiration descended into the hearts of the Prophet and his guardian.

* "Know that God made the boundaries between man and his heart, and that unto Him ye will be gathered" (Sura 8:24)
* "(Gabriel) revelation into your conscience with the permission of God, confirming the previous revelations, a guidance and glad tidings for those who believe" (Sura 2:97)
The heart is the center of vision, understanding, and recollection (dhikr)

* "Do they never go on this earth so that her heart was jolted think extinction, or rang in his ears to be heard? not exactly blind eye, but the "heart" in the chest. "(Sura 22:46)
* "Indeed we have already closed their hearts until they can not understand it, as well as ear canal has been blocked" (Sura 18:57)
* "Do they not ponder the contents of the Qur'an? or have their hearts are locked? "(Sura 47:24)
* "Do not turutkan people whose hearts have We alpakan of remembering We (dhikr), people who just follow their desires, and circumstances that person has gone too far" (Sura 18:28)
* "Verily We have prepared for the Fire from the class of jinn and human beings: they have hearts, but not use it to understand the verses of Allah, they have eyes, but not used to seeing, they have ears but are not used to hearing. They are like cattle, and even further astray. They are the ones that negligent (not dhikr) "(Sura 7:17)

Faith grows and dwells in the heart, so is infidelity, munkar and deviation from the straight path. Therefore, God is still asserted that a person's behavior can not just get along Shari'a legal requirements alone, but must come to the center of faith is "the heart".
Maybe we almost forget that worship is always demanding purification of the heart (sincerity), so it will produce something of truth and faith impact directly.

The faith which once swore by the Arabs before the Prophet Badwi faith is not an actual category, so that the instantaneous revelation of God to warn them (Arab Badwi):
"People Badwi said:" we believe ". Say (to them) "You do not have faith", but say "we have been subject to", because faith has not yet entered into your hearts "(Sura 49:14).
True faith has its own characteristics and is recognized by the Qur'an. He was stunned and thrilled when he called the name of God ... and even he was compelled to vent his joy and his longing to scream as she kneeled down and cried. Bertambahlah his heart trembled and his faith. He was so solid and steady in every step because keIhsanan along with the God who is always keeping up. He would always whisper into her heart when facing problems and difficulties in the world, because that's where God put the inspiration as a handle to determine the attitude. So that the faithful will always be maintained in the guidance and the guidance of Allah.
Allah's Word:

* "A calamity will not befall anyone except by permission of Allah. And whosoever believes in Allah, He will leadeth "heart". And God is Knower of everything "(Qur'an 64:11)
* "Faith has been established by God into the" heart "and also affirmed Ruh from Himself" (Sura 58:22)
* "And we also tunjang them with directions, and we be confirmed their hearts" (Qur'an 18:13-14)
* "He Who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers faith in order to increase his faith in addition to already existing" (Sura 48:4)

Satan replaces the position Allah dwells in human hearts negligent palace. God will turn and shame those who forgot God. God will lock on and off the heart so that he was given the title of "farm animals!" Even more misguided than that. If it happens like this then tertutuplah hearts to receive the light of Allah. So do not be surprised if his actions will tend to follow the steps that are prohibited by God, satan occupy the place of God's heart is closed and it was he who will advise and guide into a false path. Abomination it would burst into the heart through the breath of inspiration so that reasonable minds could not dispel the arrival instructions. Anger and hate is never planned, but he came straight to the heart center, and the body without the magic will follow the devil. Liver becomes blind ... ....!
Allah says:

* "He who turned away from the teachings of Allah, Most Gracious, We made him satan (which is misleading), the devil that is the friend that always accompanies" (Sura 43:36)
* "O ye who believe, do not you follow the steps satan, then satan sent and doing real indecency and wrongdoing. Had it not been for the grace of God and His mercy is not necessarily one of you all clean (from shameful and unjust deeds) for ever, but whom Allah cleanse him. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing "(Sura 24:21)
Faith and the infidels are located in the heart, God has revealed the following examples of people who opened his heart and closed his heart, as well as the behavior of both. So his decision lies to the freedom to choose the man himself a false path or a straight. Because there will be a good way to get direct guidance or misguidance devotion road.

Word of God:"By the soul and perfection (His creation), then God inspired the soul of it (the road) and ketaqwaannya wickedness. What a lucky person who purifies the soul and lost the person who contaminated "(Sura 91:7-10)

The above verse gives an understanding of the importance of cleaning the soul, so that when this happens, then Allah will guide the devotion, faith, and sincerity. But otherwise God would insult people who neglect to God and pollute his heart by sending an enemy of God as an advisor and lead him astray into the street.
Then what the next step, and how therapy to restore heart is already sinking dilumpur insult?

* First, we have to understand that the main cause of the inability to do good and difficult to keep from shameful and unjust deeds and not heard every prayer, is the "closing of the eyes of the heart of the NUR DIVINE".

* Second, concentrate the care of heart problems first, do not question anything else, because the "heart" is suffering from chronic pain. We should consider seriously, and surrendering himself to the Heart Opener ... He who closes our hearts, blinded, deafen, and locked the dead and do not give understanding over the verses of God that descends into the heart.

Let us look into, we jenguk our hearts, who was lying helpless, there appear to freely give satan sermon and instructions how to do shameful and unjust. He leads the mind to wander into the sky, took Ascension keangan-long dream and forget about it when the agency was praying, being wudoo 'and read the Qur'an and other religious. We had several times tried to dismiss the invitation but what the devil the power is incredible, we are no match to fight and expel him. He is unseen and cunning ... he walked through the human bloodstream, it can penetrate the walls of space and time, he is in the mind and even dwells in the hearts of men. Enough of our efforts to fight it, but failed and failed again .... ...

But there is not "OFF", ie the true self that is always seeing the sick state of our hearts. Is "Bashirah" (Sura 75:14), he never conspired with the devil, he who knows the heart lies, crimes, and he always followed the nature of God, he is honest, tawadhu ', khusyu', compassion and fair (see commentary sofwatut tafasir, by prof. Ali Assobuni).

We must be quick to listen to the voice that always took him to the virtues, he was so close to God, He is very obedient, he is full of faith, he speaks according to the word of God (inspiration), and his position is very high over satan and jinn so that they can not penetrate to tease him (Sura 37:8). You can feel it now ... when you lie, he said, quietly ... why are you lying ... He does not sleep when we sleep ... He sees when we dream chased by a dog ... He sees the teasing and when Jinn Shaytan mislead, but no power to follow your heart bashirah that by Allah was called "MY SPIRIT". So lucky person who cleans his soul and woe to those who pollute (Sura 91:9-10)

We return to the heart problems,Let's fix our hearts by approaching God, we leave this issue ... the complexity of the heart that is always in doubt ... inability to withstand the turbulent lust hard ...
Let's take the example of the Prophet Joseph when turmoil passion has mastered his heart, he no longer withstand the power of syahwatnya when Julaiha came over to ask her to do nasty ... He quickly turned away and went to God and denounce the continuous state syahwatnya invited to ugliness. Then Allah brings about His mercy and turned his heart, lift abominations in his heart, and finally freed from the deeds of the Prophet Joseph that accursed of Allah Ta'ala.

God himself will turn the hearts of so shameful and unjust deeds felt at the touch of the Divine when lifting dirt hearts by replacing it with good deeds and sincere.
Allah says:"Verily, the woman had intended to (do the deed) to Joseph, and Joseph-was intended (do anyway) with her, if she did not see the signs (of) his Lord. Thus, that We might turn away from it munkar and abominations. Surely Joseph was included slaves We selected (ikhlash) "(Sura 12:24)
Maybe we are still in doubt ... what we might be able to get burhan and God's guidance in avoiding the shameful and unjust deeds? Let us avoid a bad prejudice against God, we incur a sense of trust that only Allah is capable of providing guidance and counseling as well as revoke the problems we face.
... And Allaah knows best.

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