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Islam is peaceful religion-According to Islam as peaceful religion, there would be no world peace unless everyone is at peace with himself. Therefore, to establish a strong foundation of international peace, one must first instill peace in his heart, the conscience of every individual.
In Islam, every person has a crucial role, because he is seen as the core strength of the community. It is the embodiment of personal conviction, which compounded into his conscience and this is reflected in the follow-horns.
Islamic embed it in a positive peace of conscience, it means peace elevate and enrich his life, not a negative peace, peace that is willing to sacrifice principles and ideals for safety and security itself. This balanced and positive peace, and keep flowing because it could provide power to build and power on the person. Peace will not be born of ignorance and stagnation. Positive Peace acknowledge one's instincts, impulses and desires, as well as the interests and social needs, morals and ideals, which are all in balance. This peace will makes us live in peaceful life.

Logic and Religion
As a trust that is so simple and natural, without a confusing conflict, Islam in accordance with human common sense. This fact is clearly seen in the basic teachings of Islam.
God is One and there is nothing like Him. He can not be imitated or was prepared. He is the creator of this universe. Muhammad was a man who was given God's guidance lead people to worship God, because He had absolute power, in this world and in the hereafter. God is not one among the three; He did not have children or begotten. Muhammad is not God in human form, he also was not the Prophet in the world and God in heaven. In Islam there is no puzzle or the assumptions do not make sense of confusing people and mengecutkan conscience. Actually mystic unappreciated, because by following the mystic teacher, a believer may accept the belief that common sense is not accepted, which will drag in the direction unbeliever or force him to sacrifice basic beliefs.
In Islam, there is no mosque with a god that is so large role in the interpretation and implementation of religious laws. Not only the religion of Islam clear about the Deity of the myths and fantasies, but also saved him from exaggerating miracles. Islam never used miracles to attract people embraced it. The element of trust is so easy and light, quick to understand.
With clarity as a tool, Islam combines common sense with confidence. This will not cause anxiety in the believer, whereas the teachings that are inconsistent with common sense will inevitably lead to hesitation or fear. Beliefs as such, can only live in an atmosphere of vague mystical, can not openly or with the understanding that in deep.
"If My servants ask you concerning Me, I say close to them, Akumendengar who pray every prayer, when he prayed to Me; therefore they should also seriously listen to My call and believe in Me , so that they can take the right path. "(Al Baqarah 186).
Physical and Spiritual Needs
Islam is a universal unit that includes human beings and all desires. Both physical and spiritual needs, and desires must be balanced with and it certainly does not interfere with the development of subsequent life.
Therefore, Islam accepts or recognizes this as a bodily urge of human nature. When the drive is filled with appropriately, will not conflict with the desire to glory and greatness of soul, mind and needs, which is also a human nature.
If Islam elevate the soul and hate lust, this does not mean that human beings must suppress his desires or influence spending. The point is simply that men ought to be controlling his desires, rather than become slaves. He should not have any desire to follow it, and gave up round on his conscience. Willpower is what distinguishes humans from animals. "Who-who deny God, will have fun in this world and eat like cattle, then the fires of hell where he lived then." (Muhammad: 12).
If people are able to control himself, he will meet his every need and enjoying this gift of life within the limits ordained by God for them. This self-control so the first step towards a healthy body, in order to enjoy this life.
And provisions that encroach up to receive bribes, commit fraud or extortion, and deny God, samalah means to reduce a human being and ignore the order of life itself.
By enforcing the rules of Islam, human resources can develop freely and enhance human life because the Islamic lead in meeting the needs of a reasonable soul of his body.
Use of religious and social laws that can direct the will of instinct and personal social behavior. If harmony and community spirit that has been achieved by running the principles of Islam were, then the person will live with peace of mind.
Sin and MercyIslam does not only recognize the needs of a person, but also acknowledges that human beings can do no wrong. Mistakes are not done intentionally or out of consciousness, forgetfulness or deeds done out of necessity can not be prosecuted resposibility. Mistakes or sins can be forgiven at any time. Anyone who wants to repent and cleanse themselves do not get threats, gets the grace of God, and do not need to use intermediaries.
Therefore, if a Muslim sin, he can not be called out of the religion or damned forever. The opportunity is always open for him to return to God and pleaded with the guidance of His love and forgiveness. He certainly will realize that God is willing to accept repentance and will help her overcome that weakness.
Fun acceptable
Whether in worship or in law, Islam is so carefully so as not to burden a person beyond his ability. Because if this happens either in relation to social obligations or spirituality, will result in a person; feel lethargic, powerless, feeling deprived and repressed, troubled soul, would probably cripple the spirit of his life, will be depressed natural desire which caused him no longer able to cooperate with others , arises a sense of anxiety, although it does not make mistakes.
Therefore, Islam provides the tasks that correspond to one's ability. In order to do something or away from prohibition, Islam always pay attention to the limits of human ability. Every good Muslim charity according to ability. Even the great charity he can ask for sacrifices his soul even if he wanted.
There are several reasons why it might not eliminate the feeling of anger or hatred of the human soul. First, because some of the feelings that arise consciously. Second, because of clashes desire. Third, because the clash between personal character with its surroundings.
Although the adherents of Islam advocated tolerance, kindness, and always passionate, Islam also recognizes the existence of anger and hurt as a natural trait. Therefore, Islam does not require people to abandon emotions or regard it as sin. Islam emphasizes that only self-control in the override anger. Islamic keep these feelings do not develop into hatred or revenge. To achieve this goal, Islam does not recommend that suppress these bad feelings, but to every person uses every opportunity to strengthen themselves against temptation.
Although Islam is hated discord among Muslims, but also acknowledged that the anger is human nature, which can not be deleted just like that. Therefore this feeling is not considered a sin. In search of peace, Islam giving enough time for the parties to the dispute to placate each, until they can get peace to think again.
Desperate rejected by Islam, the more so if it is, becomes a habit, so lost confidence in yourself, and helpless. Patience and sincerity be the size of resilience.
So Islam does not burden a person more than his ability. Islam paved the way each person to follow the rules without weighing it down with liabilities that exceed its capacity.
God's peace and security
Islam gives you peace of heart (heart) of man, man becomes convinced the guidance of God's love and His care. The most privileged in Islam than other religions, is the relationship between creator with man, the servant is created which is a relationship without intermediaries at all.
Because of this direct relationship, people feel that he was protected by Allah the Almighty, where he begged the protection and help, if he has perfected his obedience to God alone.
With awareness of the existence of Almighty Allah, then all their powers in this world has no meaning at all. People who think in power, have a wealth or influence, in fact the helpless creature altogether.
In the shadow of power that the Supreme Court here, the safety of someone, honor, and his wealth are safe guaranteed. No one can bother him, as long as he is in the patronage power of Governing entire universe.
Islam is the religion of Allah the Almighty and addressed to all human beings on this earth. To achieve this goal, Islam assured his followers that God is able to guarantee their safety. Thus each person living in an atmosphere of fair, peaceful and prosperous.
The reason is: First, Islam protects the privacy of government injustice and helping people. Secondly, the power of a new leader can be done, if he runs to God's laws are applicable for both the government and people. Third, Islamic law guarantees social rights, honor and personal wealth. There should be no mocking, spying, slander or accuse others, simply because of suspicion alone.(Dr. Sayyid Qutb, Islam and Universal Peace, Saladin Press, London, 1985)

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