Saturday, 26 November 2011

To Reach Peaceful Life By Islamic Ways

 Written by Drs. Ahmad Yani al Islam (Islamic Center of Information and Communication Indonesia )

Islam is peaceful religion, so it very precise if every one expecially who believe with it's teaching look for peaceful life in islam.

In the development of human life are often faced with various problems of heavy to overcome. As a result there arises fear and restlessness anxiety not even a little crazy that people would actually do reply actions previously considered impossible to do both a crime against another person such as murder, including murder of a family member or a crime against yourself like drinking and drugs illicit drugs to suicide. Because by that calmness and peace of soul is needed in this life who feel increasingly heavy hand. That's why everyone wants to have peace of mind. With a calm soul who's life can be lived regularly and correctly, as sought-after Allah and His Messenger. 

 To be able to reach peace of mind with many people who achieve in ways un-Islamic, so who is not ketengan soul who gained te but instead it brings chaos in his soul. For that the Qur'an explicitly mentions some practical tips. 

1. Dhikrullah Dhikr of Allah SWT is the tips to reach the peace of the soul in the sense that dhikr Allah always remember to bring with his name in my heart and his name on various occasions. When someone mentions the name of God is peace of mind will be obtained. When I was in fear and dhikr in the form of calling ta'awudz he became calm. When do dhikr in the form of sin and seek forgiveness or repentance sentence mention he became calm again krn felt his sins were forgiven. When getting enjoyment who dhikr with abundant ago he called hamdalah then he will reach peace because can use it with both and so on so with equanimity dhikr will be obtained a Muslim. Allah says which means "those who believe and their hearts be at peace with the remembrance of Allah. Remember only with remembrance of Allah do hearts become peaceful. ". To achieve the peace of mind not only do dhikr in the form of the name of God but also dhikr with your heart and deeds. Because it's always been a believer in God dhikr in a variety of opportunities to sit up or lie down either. 

 2. Convinced of God Relief and struggles in life are often many obstacles challenges and obstacles that must be faced. The existence of these things often makes people become uneasy who bring on feelings of fear who always haunt him. This restlessness often get people who go through life into despair and for fighting to be subdued even do bad activity.Because of that, it is so careful to remain calm in struggle to establish the religion of God and in living their lives as difficult as any who a Muslim should be confident with the help of God and he must also believe that Allah's help was not only given to people who earlier but also for people now and in future Allah said which means "And God does not make provision that reinforcements but as khabar news for you and to your heart at ease thereby . And victory is only from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise. ". By considering how many forms of help given to the prophets of God and future generations of the Prophet Companions then today we must also believe in the possibility to obtain the help of God, and this makes us to be quiet in this life. But we must remember that God's help it is often just arrived when a Muslim has been achieved in great trouble or difficulty dipuncak so that rather like the way the streets were already clogged and stuck. With this belief as a Muslim will never be anxious in the face of adversity Because it is essentially God's help is nigh. Allah says which means "Do ye think that ye would enter paradise while yet to come to you as well as those who passed away before you? They are overwritten by the havoc and misery and shaken so that the said apostles and the faithful, "When will the coming of God's help?" Remember God's help it's actually very close. ". 

 3. Noting the power of God Proof of anxiety and restlessness adl Because human souls are often too felt confident with her abilities as a result if it turns out he felt the weakness in himself he became afraid and uneasy, but if he is seeing evidence of God's power he would be sure to make her become Because this peace he realized the magnitude of the power of God who does not need dicemasi but rather to be admired. Allah says which means "And remember when Abraham said, My Lord Show me how You revive the dead '. Allah says 'There sure are you?'. Abraham replied, 'I have believed it would be but to calm my heart'. Allah says 'Take four birds and cincanglah then place on top of one hill each one a part of the parts that they would then call them to come unto the spot'. And know that Allah is Mighty, Wise. ".

4. Grateful to Allah SWT give us the amount keni'matan who very much. Keni'matan Because it must acknowledge with gratitude to God will make the heart become calm it with grateful every enjoyment because it will multiply much better in terms of number or at least feel much. But if not thank God who gave it keni'matan we think of as something that has no meaning, and although the numbers are a lot of us feel a little something. If people do not thank God who gives punishment makes them uneasy Allah says which means "And Allah has made a parable of a country who was once again safe peaceful abundant sustenance from every place but denies his ni'mat-ni'mat God; krn God it felt to their clothes due to hunger and fear what they always do. ".  

5.  Recitations Tasmi 'adl Qur'an and the Qur'an tadabbur book which contains the best of both words revealed in the holy month of Ramadan ridden so blessed to hear of people who read literature and study the verses of the holy Koran undoubtedly become calm him when he really believes in Allah SWT . Allah says which means "Allah has sent down the Qur'an the word fine day again the same reply over and over again shaking the skin therefore those who fear the Tuhanya then became calm skin and their heart in the remembrance of Allah. That is God's instruction book with it He who leadeth whom He wills. And whoever who err by then no one was giving him instructions. ". 

 Because it is as a believer by our interactions with the Qur'an must be the best possible in the form of reading the literature review and practice it hear in everyday life. When the interaction of the Qur'an we are better then heard reading the Qur'an alone makes our faith grow stronger which means lbh than just peace of mind. Allah says which means "Those who believe adl those who called the name of God if their hearts trembled, and when read to them His verses bertambahlah their faith and to God their sole trust.". Armed with a calm soul who was a Muslim will be able to live a good life for good and not something that often stems from the question of mental or soul. Therefore Allah quiet soul who calls people to enter into His heaven. Allah says which means "O soul who quietly go back to your Lord who are satisfied with the hearts of His blessed again. Then go into the congregation of my servants and enter into my paradise. ". Eventually it becomes our joint responsibility to establish peace in the soul of each one of us so that we can live this life with his best.

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