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Prayer: Way to live in peace according Islam

Prayer that called sholat in islamic term is way to get peace. Anyone who want live in peace he or she must do prayer five times a day, they are: Isyak, Shubuh, Dhuhur, Ashar, and Magrib. Because of this fact anyone can say that islam is peaceful religion.

In the United States developed what is called transcendental meditation (transcendental meditation) which is a 'trend' imports from India. Transcendental Meditation is a form of heresy (deviation) of Yoga. As with other aberrations, this transcendental meditation amid widespread public acclaim America. So dibikinlah books and magazines. Held many conferences, so the trend is getting a lot of followers, sending his missionaries four continents to introduce this transcendental meditation.

In short, the school of transcendental meditation is to invite each of us set aside some time each day where we release all burdens of life and mental anxiety, then sit quietly and leaned casually on a chair, closed his eyes, empty the soul of everything even of the soul our own to come to the emptiness, the peace .... and peace in your absence.

This meditation missionaries gave everyone 'deeds' that must be recited continuously during the meditation process, which normally speaking Sanskrit. The sentence in the 'practice' is absolutely no benefit to a student (read: followers) but only as an aid to better remove his soul, let go of the nature of matter, out of all despondent life into something peaceful.

This appeal is a kind of call 'mental silence' in which the soul find peace and free from all burdens. Missionary guiding this meditation often brings books and scientific journals that contain many healing affirmation achieved meditators from various diseases such as blood pressure, diphtheria, hormonal disorders, and chronic headaches after doing this meditation for a few months.
In one study, a physician following a patient's blood pressure during the relevant sitting meditation. Then the gauge shows a significant decrease in blood pressure, decrease heart rate, and blood chemistry changes in the mixture so that a proper balance continues to increase.
In Islam, the problem of achieving peace as taught by meditation is not new. Islam even practically taught his people to do it five times a day in the form of prayer. The achievement of peace it is part of the prayer taught by Islam through Prophet Muhammad.

Prayer in Islam, starting with this psychological condition, namely that the culprit in full must empty ourselves of all the burden of life, let it go and then emptied his soul of all the vices of gluttony, greed, lust etc.. Then he uttered ألله أكبر (God is great) .. it mean that God is more Basar, more intense and more of everything that exists in the life of this world. In his prayer, a Muslim khusyu 'facing God with full submission is perfect, as if he is totally out of the natural world.

But prayer in Islam is different from transcendental meditation. Prayer is not out of the world's natural anxiety towards nothingness-nothingness. Prayers are out to get to the presence of the Deity (al-hadhrah al-divine), the presence of substances that is Rich. We Muslims do not use the practice-practice maditasi Sanskrit like that, but we praise the Lord with a beautiful name-his name to be engraved in our hearts a sense of feeling the presence of almighty God Beautiful that nothing is like it.

Prayer in Islam, it provides peace and tranquility of spirit as dajarkan by transcendental meditation. Even more than that, prayer is not just taking on the 'mental silence' but he is also a call to open the heart and soul to something new come fill it. Something that is the light of God.

Prayer is a very beautiful because it re-Mu'min menghubungankan between a person with a substance which is the source of its existence. He is God Almighty. Separation from this mortal world drove him in touch with the world of perfection, and therefore the prayer will give effect to the perpetrators doubled. A Muslim, when performing prayers perfectly intact and then his prayer it will be a healer of all diseases mentioned above.

If done research what will happen to someone who did pray, which is associated with blood pressure, the brain's electrical waves, and a mixture of blood chemistry, would have found a more surprising result than what happens to someone who meditate.

Westerners are wrong to think that prayer in Islam is just body movements without meaning. Prayer is a movement, but movement is symbols that are loaded with meaning. He is God's attitude to bringing up substance that begins with the sentence ألله أكبر Takbir (God is great), then followed by bowing and prostration by humbling himself and put his forehead on the ground, place the bottom. This is the form of total servitude to the Almighty Substance. From there then serenity and inner peace can be obtained as a whole, and what remains is a sense of the greatness of God.
And Allaah knows best.

Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion.

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