Friday, 25 November 2011

Happiness & Peace is purely God Given

As usual, every Friday there is a routine that must be accomplished worship the guy .. Friday prayers!
Because this could happen today in the mosque , of course I would not miss his talk ... exciting, dense, short, contains ... mosque Cozy & air-conditioned anyway. This activity will makes our hearth always in peaceful. So anyone will say about this religion, " Islam is peaceful religion "
Dhikr,, Given Asma Allah, will make our hearts become tranquil, peaceful .. :)

However, when human beings as His servant had begun to dare leave worship & start implementing what the limits imposed by Allah, then Allah will not hesitate to provide reinforcements `& warnings. Divine warnings they will be divided into three kinds of ..:

1. Blessing of God will revoke the person's livelihood
* Once the Prophet asked the angel Gabriel, the point is whether, after the Prophet ends, Gabriel revealed God's will remain on earth? & The Angel Gabriel said that he was ordered by God to oversee & revoke blessing of sustenance of people who have been away from Allah SWT ..
* God continue to give sustenance to the man, but it receives sustenance is not baraka, ie not providing peace & tranquility of the heart to its owner .. There's just always wanted to feel less & add richness continues .. in many ways ..
2. God will place them among the leaders who has bad character and always press among them ..
* Leaders like that is a leader who puts something out of place ...
* With the bad leaders, God will test whether there is still a faith among His servants who else ...
* Simultaneously, in order they more close to Him .. not only the mere thought of worldly ..
3. That person would be revoked by the angel Azrael lives in conditions that are not believers, `su ul khotimah,, na` udzubillah ....
Friends, let's make afterthought together .... Is there any one of the signs are happening around us? either on campus, in society, or even in this beloved country coz .

Finally, let believe that Allah will always gives us peace, of course if we always remember Him anywhere and anytime and do dzikir.
Wallahu ~ ~ `natural bishowab

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