Monday, 28 November 2011

Journey to the Divine

Written by Cak SB Sangkan
With the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. My brothers in islam say :  "Islam is peaceful religion "
Praise be to Allah, the almighty knows all the secrets hidden, and where the hearts of believers tremble when hearing his asthma. Shalawat and regards hopefully devoted to the prince of all the Apostle, falsifies the minutes of the Divine and his family.
I say many thanks for your participation in the archipelago dhikrullah fellow pilgrims in his contribution to the symbols of Islam in their respective fields. And to Mr. H. Slamet Oetomo, I also deliver to thank you for his advice useful in towards the presence of Ilahy who makes us live in peaceful.
On this occasion, I will convey my journey keruhanian experience as well as what and how discourse H. Slamet Oetomo it. Before I met with Pak Haji, according to H. Oetomo Slamet used to be called, I was living in a boarding school in Bogor. A boarding school that emphasizes the values ​​of mystical teachings of Imam Al Ghazaly. We are conditioned by the atmosphere of mysticism nizam a fairly tight.
But strangely, the more deeply I pursue the world of Sufism akhlakiah (not tarikah like Naqshabandiyah, or others) I just experienced a tremendous boredom. I feel tired very great. In worship and bersyariat feels much is still missing. Not to mention the demands of quality in doing so. I find it impossible to carry out the teachings of Islam in total which is carrying out paragraph by paragraph numbering 6666's, coupled with the hadith that amounted to hundreds of thousands. I never thought how the teachings of Islam is very difficult to practiced, but we already know about all the obligations to be done. Whether in the form of prohibition or command. And in the Qur'an in Surat al-Baqarah alone 208, states:

"O you who believe in Islam you enter a whole, and do not share the steps satan. Behold satan's enemy to you."
Suddenly I became very frightened of this paragraph to read warnings. Because the word "kaafah" in this verse means the overall teachings of Islam, which in my understanding, we should practice Islam is a total no picky anymore. However, once seemed to realize how heavy the demands of the Qur'an, even though I've tried in earnest. Starting from the view of keeping the immoral deeds and prayers to the accompaniment of fasting Sunnah Prophet Dawud and always continue wudu ', to the extent that in the midst of many people sleep soundly, I do not miss tahajjud. This situation I've done over the years, but when he saw that the teachings of Islam is not only that, I also experienced confusion. Because it feels that I am still far from the word 'kaffah'. Continue what's so wrong?
I started wondering myself, if there is something wrong in my worship? I myself think that only those who are experiencing anxiety, but there are many similar complaints ejected from ikhwans who also strict in keeping the Shari'a.
Even if I am not afraid of sin maybe I'll find another way to get peace and tranquility. I also peek at what everyone else in search of peace and tranquility. Of the many that I met see the behavior of others in seeking solutions. Not any more ... kebathinan occult and mystical world of shamanism to be the port of his soul. While some are trapped by the scientific rhetoric presented by separating nothing to do with religion at all., Let alone with the world of spells. In this case I will not discuss about how to open the debate and will not matter what other people do.
From the seething turmoil of my soul that I met with H. Slamet Oetomo. Through nesehatnya pearl beads that, I conclude that there will never be and capable man underneath this universe for the air-Islam with 'kaffah', except get a gift and guidance of God directly.
In my musings are astounding. Why not, I never plan a bit resentful or angry with someone who offend. But why hate and anger that comes without I can prevent. But otherwise why to do good and ikhlash should require energy and effort that is extraordinary. Why not be the good feels light and easy, so do not feel the burden of the mind and feelings. Change smile anger, hatred into love, of not khusyu 'become khusyu' and so on. And the good qualities ought to flow like the inspiration that guides our behavior. One night, I complain about this to God's heart fatigue and inability to do more running the Islamic Shari'a. I let go and beg guidance in order to show the blessed streets.
So far, we are forced to believe against a conviction without ever understanding why we should believe in it. This condition causes a person's beliefs will be easily separated and always in doubt. For example like this, the Salman Ahmad told that sugar tastes sweet. News from Ahmad it is a form of information that forced Salman to believe (wajibul sure) and then proceed to eat sugar and what was said by Ahmad in fact true that the sugar you just ate it feels really nice. At this level of knowledge increased from wajibul Salman sure to Ainul sure (feel alone) then becomes haqqul sure, because he had actually experienced directly rather than the Ahmad said. But even Salman was once mengisbathkan (beliefs that can not be changed) the truth of the information.
At this point, confidence and Salman Ahmad will not be able to change it again the other person even though severed neck. Well ... beliefs like these that we expect in worship to God and to believe in the verses to the real situation (essential).
From the results of conversations with colleagues who are members of the majlis dhikr, the more experience they went through. What they are saying almost the same as what I have done. And it turns out they are also experiencing the same thing over changes in the sweetness of worship, thus developing into an actual state of the nature of this form of Shari'a conducted. You do not have to worry about to enter the world of perverted faith and then be afraid, no! I actually just asked to do what we've got, if there is any practice that comes out of the foundation of Islam, then you have the right to determine the exit from the panel this dhikr.
Many people get caught up in judging things. We were led to a narrow issue. Spirituality is not much known to the Muslims for fear of heresy as Mansyur Sheikh Al-Hallaj or the famous Sheikh Siti Jennar with wihdatul teaching subject matter or manunggaling gusti. Two people who are considered heretical, prevent us to learn more in the nature of science. And how many thousands of heretical scholars who do not learn to live in such Hujjatul ruhiyah Islamiyah Islamic Imam Al Ghazaly, Annafiri Imam, Imam Shafi'i, Hanbali Imam, Imam Hanafi, the Companions of the apostle, and Sunan bonang, Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Sunan Kali Keep the is teacher of Sheikh Siti Jennar, and so on living with ruhiyah Islamiyah. But why do we only questioned the two-character error. Why do we not see the scholars who are not perverted as mentioned earlier. There is a sentiment that was so incessant expose what heresy and heretics against genuine in bermujahadah unseen Almighty God ... and say the nature of learning science is adjudged unlawful.
And we must note, that error is not only the science of spirituality alone. science of jurisprudence, economics, accounting, science and computer science, or science whatever can be brought into error. Why are you never afraid to learn the science of accounting, but with this knowledge people can use it to corruption (theft) other sciences also. May we not affected by a narrow opinion that he never entered or appreciate the depth of the Islamic enter to the heart.
As a result we become the victim of an unbalanced coverage. Islam that we are doing now a half-hearted, not to digging into the roots of faith in the truth. We never again heard the voice touched our hearts when dealing with God. Are we shook hard hearts when Allah is mentioned many times asthma? Our fear of the understanding of Sufism, which according to our prejudices will go astray like Sheikh Al Hallaj Mansyur or Sheikh Siti Jennar, has made the holy names of God are no longer capable of soothing and soulful. Though the situation is a sign of one's faith.
For this reason, so we do not get stuck in a misguided understanding as above, it seems we need to look at the history of the experience of the prophets and apostles in merentas keruhanian road toward the ocean of love and mercy of Allah SWT.
Tadzkiyyatun nafs (soul cleansing), is a communication problem ruhiyah or in connection with the issue of experience ruhiyah (inner), through-connection Sustainable dialogue you will be invited meruntun traces of the Quran in kauniyah.
There are a lot of questions at us. Some of these questions may seem easy and obvious to a group of people, and can be answered easily. For questions relating to the law (fiqh) as well as science, the answers to questions such questions can be answered with a strong evidence that makes us be clear and no doubt the correctness of the answers given. There are many questions that have not been answered properly. The question is actually very basic question, but never got a concrete answer to the evidence, because it is considered unlikely, among others are:

* Is there a prayer khusyu 'it?
* Could ordinary people like us can do it?
* Is it true that worship is delicious and can soothe the soul?
* How does God answer every prayer?
* How to distinguish inspiration from God and the inspiration of the devil
* Is there an easy way to achieve makrifat to God?
* What is the nature of self, and why should return to God?
* Etc. ...
We all have heard and get answers to these things. But because the answers are not supplied with the evidence and simply presented with a term he said and he said ... then until this moment all of the questions we declared neglected and consequently lack khusyuan, and not the granting of prayer is of no importance.
The questions above may be part of it is hard to believe that it could happen and felt by us directly!
Hopefully through discussion and dialogue later we come to the answers and the actual state of faith based on Al Quran and As Sunnah.
Insha Allah in this forum you will find the answer and feel directly. The method presented later is very simple and easily understood and can be practiced at home respectively, directly and without intermediaries.
Yours respectfully

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