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As a Man Who Gives a Clear Instructions

If the nature of Isa the Messiah was sinless and blessed it makes him unique among the prophets, then the instructions of God given or instilled in Isa Al Masih is truly unique.

Knowing the supernatural ability

Knowledge of which can not be seen or unseen is a great trait. As stated in the Qur'an:
And Allah the keys of the unseen, no one knows except Himself. He knows what is on land and at sea. Not a daunpun the autumn of his well known. Not a grain-bijipun hidden in the darkness of the earth and no objects too wet and the dry, which is not written in the book Lawh mahfuz. [34]
Muhammad himself declared in the Qur'an that he had no knowledge of the supernatural when he says:

Say: "I was not able to achieve the benefits and refused begging for myself, except what God wills. If I know the unseen matter, of course I'll do good as much as possible, and be wary of b ahaya that will befall. I'm nothing but a giver alerts and news-bearer for those who believe ". [35]

In another verse it says:
Say!: "I can not tell you, that perbendaraan God is upon me! Because I do not know the unseen. Also I did not say unto you, that I am an angel. I only follow what is revealed to me ". [36]

Therefore, according to the Qur'an, not the supernatural knowledge of human affairs. God alone has the power to give it to whom He chose. "Allah will not let people who believe in a state like this now, but God will set aside between bad and good. And God will not show things that are unseen to you, but God chooses whom He wills among His Apostles. Therefore believe in Allah and His Messenger. If you are faithful and devoted, you would have received a large reward. "[37]

The Qur'an tells us that God chose Isa Al Masih to open things unseen. By his will of God chose Isa al Masih from among the messengers of God to open the slightest thing of life, including "what-what they eat, and what they have as wealth in their homes". [38] Those who have to review the above verse mentions many stories about the knowledge of Isa Al Masih in the things unseen. This power is only the power of God given to Isa al Masih alone among the other apostles. This is another trait that adds to the uniqueness of Isa Al Masih. He live for proof that islam is peaceful religion.

His ability to Perform Miracles

The mission of Isa Al Masih on earth is to improve mankind to obey God. As was stated earlier, he was given a unique power to liberate humanity from Satanic tricks. He was also given the power to heal people of physical illness as a proof that he was sent of God.

The power of Isa al Masih to destroy the Satanic work further demonstrated when he healed people or those who are sick. Clearly spiritually healing can heal a sick body. This proves that his words matched with deeds.

The Quran says that the miracles performed by Isa al Masih is a "clear sign" from the power of God. Clear signal is not given to all the apostles. The Quran says:

That's descriptions of God. We recite to you O Muhammad, with the actual. And thou indeed an apostle among other apostles. The apostles We endowed with gifts from other their seBahagian. Some of which are God's direct conversation with him, and some of the glory of God raised a few degrees. We gave Jesus the son of Mary, a few miracles and we strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. And if God will, the people who are after the death of the apostles was not going to kill each other after coming to them for some details. But they disagree as well, was among those who believe and disbelieve others. If Allah willed they would not kill each other. But God did according to his will [39]

Baidawi review of the above verse as follows:

God made Isa Al Masih miracles as proof of His love to Jesus (more than the other apostles) because all miracles are a sign of a clear and remarkable. And all the miracles are not done by others except him. [40]

Khusu and special miracles prove / show not only the love of God to Isa than the other apostles, but also a measure of the love of it. God gave some apostles the ability to do some miracles, but miracles portion given to Jesus beyond than what is given to the other apostles. So we can see that by performing miracles of Isa Al Masih physically indistinguishable. It also proves his power to do miracles spiritually exaggeration of the others. So the ability to perform miracles that can not be unmatched both physically and mentally demonstrate the unique nature of the Messiah.

His ability to Creating

While the power of Isa al Masih to do miracles really is unmatched, the size of this power is given also to some other prophet. But the power to create just given to him. According to the Qur'an, the power to create is not shared by other prophets.

The Qur'an challenged the disbelievers by stating:

O man, has made the parable about the last I heard and understand well the situation, ie: all that is worshiped but Allah will not be able to make a fly, even if they work together for it. Even if the flies were robbed something from the idol, the idol can not recapture it from the flies. That worship and that is worshiped equally weak. [41]

Even so according to the Qur'an, Jesus is the only person who diberikuasa by God to create something out of clay. The Qur'an cites the words of Isa as follows:

And will serve him as an apostle to the Children of Israel. He said: "I am come to bring the miraculous sign from your Lord yiaitu I can make this frame of clay birds for you, then I blow past becomes a bird by Allah's leave. And I was able to heal the blind, leprosy, and raise the dead by Allah's leave. Besides, I can tell you what you eat and what you store in your house each. All this is a sign for you, if you really believe. [42]

So the Qur'an explains that Jesus has the power to create something out of clay, which according to some people the same as changing a stick into a snake Moses. Despite penapsir careful Qur'an proves that this is not what was intended. In the Quran, God said to Moses:

Whether it is in thy right hand, O Moses? He said: "This is my stick, a tool for me reclining, also for wood bat so that the branches of leaves dropping off food for goats, and many others my needs with this stick. He said: "Throw it down, O Moses". Musapun immediately threw his stick, the stick immediately turn to a snake, with nimble. [43]

When he saw the snake coiled who changed from a stick, Moses turned and fled in terror. But God called him and said: "Moses, do not be afraid". [44]

In the event the above, God did a miracle to convince Moses to His power. When Moses threw his staff he did not mengharapkanny amenjadi snake, when it turns into a snake, he fled in terror. Obviously in this event, not Moses who spend the first step, but it is Allah who make the change.

The same was done miracles before Pharaoh when God "gives revelation to Moses," throw stick ". Suddenly Snake (stick) it swallows all their snakes. "[45]

In the incident, Moses did not do anything else except to obey God's command as before. Menyuruhny God to Moses threw his stick and went along. So that berinisiatip is God instead of Moses. It was exactly the properties of how God gave miracles to Moses, as can be seen from various other events. For example, when the Israelites were thirsty, there is a commandment of God told Moses to hit the stone [46], and when they came out of Egypt before God ordered Moses to cross the ocean to hit his sticks in the sea water '... then belahlah sea, while their each slit like a huge mountain '. [47]

In each of the events before, it is God who became makers initiative. It was not Moses who control the time and manner of how miracles can be done, but God did.

When Jesus did the creating, God let Isa do his own initiative in performing miracles and give life. Verse of the Qur'an describes the activities of Jesus in the following sense:

I was coming to bring the miraculous sign from your Lord, that I can make from this clay birds to your order, then I blow and then into a bird by Allah's leave. And I was able to heal the blind, leprosy, and raise the dead by Allah's leave. Besides, I can tell you what you eat and what you store in your house each. All this is a sign for you, if you really believe. [48]

God sent Isa did not revive the dead or heal the blind man as Moses. But God has preferred Isa with His powers conferred berinisiatip have rights. Moses did not blow anything on his cane spirit to become a snake, but Jesus breathed the spirit of the land and be a living from it.

Ibn 'Arabi, a great Sufi writer in answering the following question, "By the way how to distinguish each of the apostle of God?", He replied:

God gave Adam the knowledge of the Great Names, to Moses by speaking to him and to the Torah, and distinguish the Prophet [Muhammad] what Muhammad himself mentioned "He was given greatness to talk". To distinguish the spirit of Isa Al Masih, coupled with the spirit blowing in that he created from the ground, it is only to Isa al Masih alone, and God does not add power to give life through the breath of the other apostles except Isa, apart from self-Allah the Most High himself. [49]

The creation of living beings are not simply given to other prophets, but only belongs to God alone and only given to Isa Al Masih.

His ability to Turn a Dead

The Qur'an states clearly that Jesus raise the dead:
And Allah will teach him to write and read the Scriptures, science policy, law and gospel ... and raise the dead by Allah's leave. ... All this is a sign for you, if you really believe. [50]

Hadith also supports this fact by mentioning the names of people who are raised again by Isa Al Masih even after his body decayed. The commentators agree that the power to revive the dead is the omnipotence of God, which belongs to God alone. The Qur'an declares:

And he made a parable for us while forgetting its original creation. He asks: "Who can turn back up again to the bones that had been destroyed?" Answer: "That can turn it back on, is the God who created him before for the first time. He knows about every creature ". [51]

Because of God as the Creator or the Source of Life, He alone can revive the dead. Suyuti in his review linking the two events Isa revive the dead with a special emphasis - the voice of Jesus. In the first case the child Isa raised Sam Noah:

Children of Israel came to Jesus begging him, saying: "Sam son of Noah was buried here, not far away. Ask God to revive it. Isa then called with a single cry, and Sam out of the grave with gray hair. The people shouted: "He died when he was young, why is his hair so white?" Sam replied: "When I heard the voice of Jesus, I thought 'a cry'". [52]

In the second case, Isa raised her brother:

... When Isa told where the grave, He called him with shouts one occasion, his brother came out with hair graying / white ... Jesus asked him: 'What happened to you?' He replied: 'I heard your voice and I think it as' a shout'. [53]

Of the two stories above, we can see the voice of Isa is understood as a shout that will raise the dead on Judgement Day. People who are raised to understand that, and until their hair turns white.

The reference is contained in the Qur'an 73:17:

Where can you will be able to save themselves from "the turmoil shaking one day", where the children can think of kedahsyatannya gray because if you still disbelieve.

And in the Qur'an is also mentioned in 38:15: "They're not waiting, but a scream that can not be withdrawn".

Ibn 'Arabi in the Fusus al-Hikam, says about Isa revive the dead:

He said, when he turned the dead, indeed he and not him (ie, which can turn on the power of God's blessing) and those who watched amazed a man can revive the dead, while the nature of the great turn only people with a shout. .. those who witnessed it still confused because it's great to see the action performed by someone who in human form (ie Isa). [54]

Qashani review the words of Ibn 'Arabi as:

Confusion arises ... once people see a man without a doubt, and from him came the glorious nature; ie revive the dead, with a single cry, beg God's blessing. To him (Jesus) used to say to those who die "Life! Rise with the permission of Allah or the name of God, or in God '; and the dead will rise and as he answered, "Here am I, ready to serve (or serve)". [55]

In the Hadith quoted by Suyuti, Isa arouse Sam and his brother only with a shout, not by prayer. He called to them from the dead to the world back to life as calling a person from one room to another. Jesus has authority over the death. The Qur'an does not mention any other prophet who could raise the dead with God's permission or not.

The Prophet Writing about Him

In the first portion we have seen that clearly prophets really shows on the two figures are important. They prophesied of the Messiah was correct as he warned of the false Messiah, which is the Antichrist. Razi said that according to the expert think the Muslims:

Isa referred to as the Word of God, as had been prophesied about himself in the Scriptures of the prophets before. [56]

In contrast, the Hadith warns of the coming Antichrist, the false Messiah that the prophets also warned the nation / his people, as well as Noah warned:

I warn you against him and no one person who does not warn his people nabipun against the Antichrist. Even the Prophet Nuhpun wantikan set off. [57]

Isa Al Masih prophesied not only in passing by one or two prophets. But prophecy will he very clearly, a lot, and specifically that he referred to as the Word of God. Prophets can only say that because only communicated by God, so it is clear that the prophets prophesied before him or will he predicted. No other prophet who received the treatment and care are very great Divine.

The history of Isa Al Masih has proof that islam is peaceful religion.
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