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Isa Al Masih, Birth of a Virgin

The Qur'an clearly says that Isa was born of a virgin. It happened described as follows:
And remember precisely when the angels said: "O Mary! Verily Allah convey the happy news with a reserved word from Him, his name Messiah, Isa son of Maryam, a man of honor in the world and the hereafter, including people close to God ...z

Maryam said: "O my Lord! How can I obtain a child, and I have not been touched by a male-lakipun? "God speaks through the medium of the Angel Gabriel:" That's it. God creates what He wills. When he wants something, just stay, saying only "Kun" then it is. '[1]

From these verses we can see that Mary had never been touched by a male-lakipun and the real birth of Isa as a God's decision. The uniqueness of Isa entered history not merely a natural occurrence, but it is a miracle of having a deliberate intent, in which the Qur'an declares:

God knows the contents of the womb of every woman, whether the content is lacking, as well as excessive. Everything in Allah's all-sized. [2]

Knowledge over it in detail and the meaning of the creation further emphasized in the following statement:
We do not make a vast space and the earth that lie persada this, as well as what is between them, are playing games. [3]
God does not do things in vain, but all things were created at the discretion of His Almighty and has purpose. So while God decreed that every man is destined to birth due to merging of male and female, He also establishes Isa was born of Mary, who is not touched by men. This was accepted without debate by a Muslim scientists. The uniqueness of the recognition is expressed by Shabestari in revelation as follows:

Obviously no one is born without a father, just a course that is Jesus who lives or is present in this world. [4]
Isa, the innocent was born for spread islam as peaceful religion.
One of the unique nature of Isa is he innocent, while other human prophets even though, at some point consciously or unconsciously been guilty of thoughts or actions. Only Isa Al Masih is still the holy remains.
In the Qur'an a lot of evidence that shows Adam, Moses and Muhammad were all sinners. Ibrahim himself found he needed to repent, though closer relationship with God and the Qur'an itself expresses it in a matter of responsibility to God one time, the verse reads as follows:

After Abraham felt his fear and even got good news, he began talking with us about the people of Lut. [5]
Although Ibrahim was very close to God, he still expressed the need to ask forgiveness of the presence of God:
"Who created me, and He that leadeth me. And that gave me food and drink. If I was sick, he was the one who healed me. He is mematikanku, then He is also a menghidupkanku back in the hereafter. He is very willing to forgive my mistakes I'd hoped on Judgement Day ". [6]

Moses was beloved by God in which He immediately started talking to him, [7] also found he needed to ask for forgiveness after he was attacked and killed an Egyptian citizen, and said:

Moses prayed: "O my Lord! Behold, I have been in effect of the persecution of myself, so forgive me ". Then God forgive him. Surely He is Forgiving and Merciful. [8]

Likewise David asked for forgiveness of his Lord, dropping him to the ground, kneeled down and asked for forgiveness. [9]
So the third Prophet: Abraham, Moses and David realized the need for forgiveness from God.
Prophet Muhammad also find his sins, before he was appointed as a prophet, where he felt the weight
bear it. This is confirmed in the Qur'an:
"Have We not made clear the chest? And We have sent down your burden which had overwhelm your back? "[10]
The burden of the Prophet Muhammad in his back fizikal not a burden, but a spiritual burden. The word (Wezr) translated as "load" in the paragraph above is a special word in the language of sin bererti Qur'an. Examples in the Qur'an 16:25 which states: "We are destined them say so, that they may bear his sin (awzar, plural to wezr) to its fullest on the Day of Resurrection, along with seBahagian sins of the people they lead astray because do not know. Remember, an evil of what they endured. "(See also the Al-Qur'an 6:31, 6:164, 17:15, 20:100, 35:18).

While the Qur'an declares the sins of the past in fact the life of Prophet Muhammad, is said also about the sins of the "later":

That Allah may forgive your sins of past and future, and enhance the joy to you and lead you to the straight path. [11]
It is also endorsed by the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad who said formerly accustomed 'to God for forgiveness and repentance more than seventy times a day' [12] Bukhari records Muhammad's prayer asking forgiveness as follows:
Oh, God! Forgive my mistakes and sins beyond the truth in my works; and forgive whatever you most know than I own. O Allah! Forgive my mistakes are intentional or unintentional, that is not recognized as a mockery or a more severe, and all that is within me [13]

It is true that he continues to ask for forgiveness until the final breath. [14]
The sins of all mankind is justified further by the Hadith which says: 'Satanic always been entrenched in the human mind as blood flowing in his body. "[15]

Unless a man who by the Qur'an or Hadith is considered pure from sin is Isa al Masih. He never sinned, do not make mistakes and never overstepped the bounds set by God intentionally or foolish, in jest or seriously, intentionally or unintentionally. Isa al Masih depicted in the Qur'an 19:19 as 'a son of the holy (zakeyia)' [16], even before birth. Baidawi explained that 'a child who is holy means sacred of sins'. In all the verses of the Quran, there is no longer described as a sacred except Isa Al Masih. [17]

Hadith also states that Isa al Masih as innocent people. Bukhari, for example, linking it with the following Hadith:

When every person is born (written: all children born during their so Adam), Satanic touched (written: rub) both sides of the body from the right and left with two fingers, except Isa al Masih son of Mary, though he also attempted but was unsuccessful. [18]

Baidawi explain the meaning of 'touch or rub' Satanic as an 'effort to tempt every newborn so that children can be influenced by him'. [19] nor Devil, nor God's enemies berbuyutan thus struggling in a way that is not fair. He is looking for a way of teasing people when they first began to live, and only one man who could master the Satanic in this first round. He is Isa Al Masih.  Suyuti cites Ibni 'Abbas, who said:

Among those who were born, only Isa al Masih son of Mary who is not touched by the Satanic and can not be conquered by it. [20]

Why could not Isa unmatched and different? Some people say that because he is anointed:

He named the Messiah because he anointed so that made her a saint of sins, or because he was anointed by the wings of the Angel Gabriel and kept from contact with Satanic, or Messiah means a pious person. [21]

There are those that distinguish it from its inner spiritually Isa Al Masih himself. Razi said:

Spirit (Isa Al Masih) is pure, highest rank, syurgawi; full of peace with light and very close to the spirits of the angels. [22]

So Isa al Masih as the angels who did not need to beg forgiveness for themselves, he only want every one eccept islam. He said that islam is peaceful religion. He did not sin.

Isa al Masih, who bears the title of "the Spirit of God" is also proving chastity. Some scientists say that he called 'the Spirit of God' because:

It is a habit people to describe something that is really pure and clean, they call it a spirit .. [23]

The size of the extent to which its sacred reality of Jesus is as follows: Allah, the Most High, He himself called Isa is 'the Spirit of God'. While every human being has broken from his loyalty to God and no longer fear God at some point in the history of his life but Isa al Masih the holy remains clean, untouched by the Satanic.

Fear of Allah is a measure of one's faith in God's eyes, as the verses of the Qur'an states:

O mankind! We created you from a male and a female. Then We made you nations and tribes that ye may know each other. A supremely noble among you in Allah's sight is people who are more cautious. Surely Allah is Knowing and Understanding. [24].

Is solely devotion or piety, rather than signs of earthly beauty, wealth and power held by a person as a status before God. The prophets and the angels also determined their status by their devotion. But the angel of higher rank than the prophets because:

They are the angels who assume the Throne and in the surrounding voiced praise to his Lord, faithful to Him and ask forgiveness for the believers ... (Qur'an 40:7-9)

Razi review:

Many scholars interpret this passage [25] as a conclusion that the angels higher rank than humans. They say that angels do not need to beg forgiveness for him, because if they need forgiveness, they should ask forgiveness for themselves first, like what was said by the Prophet Muhammad: "Begin to repent for yourself '. Also God said to Muhammad: '... So know (O Muhammad) that there is no God but Allah and ask Forgive (him) for the sins of you and to (sin) the believers men and women of the believers. God knows where to find and place diammu penghidupanmu '(Al-Qur'an 47:19). So Allah ordered Muhammad to beg forgiveness in advance for himself then for other people ... And because God does not say that angels do not ask forgiveness for their own, we can conclude that they do not need to ask for forgiveness. The prophets need forgiveness from God and this is very clear from the word of God to Muhammad. If it is upheld it is increasingly clear that the angels are higher than humans. [26]

With no need for forgiveness for the angels, it seems they are more perfect in obedience to God and his fear, so they are more noble and higher rank than humans. Unlike humans, angels do not need to ask for forgiveness because they are free from sin. Isa al Masih can be equated with the angels and therefore, it is equally sacred.

Isa Al Masih, the Blessed

In addition to not sin, Isa Al Masih also blessed. He not only perfect passive, but also perfectly actively. The Qur'an says of Isa,

And anyway, I made him a blessed (Bearer of Happiness) wherever I am. [27]

According to this verse, Jesus blessed unconditionally and forever. If he did not obey God in thought or deed at any time, he would not say blessed wherever he is.

The word 'blessed' by lighting Baidawi means 'useful to humans'. In a sense other words, Jesus lived not for himself, but he lived for the whole people. Exact meaning of 'is useful for people' is described by Razi who said Isa:

Through Isa al Masih, God saves humanity from all kinds of tricks, just as man lives by his Spirit. [28]
Isa was not satisfied merely free from sin, but he is also actively seeking ways to liberate people from Satanic deception, mortal enemy of God. So important to compare its efforts so that Razi Isa as the Spirit who gives life to a body. Baidawi equally describe the efforts of Jesus when he says that Isa' first regular turn on the dead bodies as are hearts are dead to life ". [29]

Isa Al Masih not only to maintain the sanctity of her life, so he lived to enjoy his life a perfect harmony with the will of God. But he also lives by giving blessings to others. So the perfection of Isa Al Masih is not merely passive, that is without sin, but also active as a source of blessing.

Throughout the Qur'an there is no one who is called "blessed" except Isa Al Masih. It is true that the Qur'an itself is portrayed as a holy book of the blessed. [30]

Those words are also used to house the first saint in Mecca that has been fostered by the angels before the creation of Adam [31], Laylat al-Qadr Night (the night in which the Qur'an was revealed) [32]. And the olive tree which is considered as the light of God or Nurullah. [33] So Isa Al Masih the Messiah was equated with the Qur'an, the house was first built in Mecca, Laylat al-Qadr and the blessed olive tree. Nevertheless, the only person depicted in the Qur'an as the blessed is Isa Al Masih.

Therefore, Isa Al Masih was sinless and blessed. Satan can not touch Isa, who remained perfect in his life throughout his life. In addition, Isa Al Masih in destroying the work of Satan is so perfect that he described as the Spirit of life, which can turn on those who died for Satanic tricks. The perfection of Isa al Masih is passively and actively. Therefore, in this connection he has a trait that has no equal.

This History has proof that islam is peaceful religion.
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