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The entry of Islam into USA

Written by: Ustad Sarwat Ahmat, Lc.
Islam is peaceful religion, it proved by spreading islam all over the world, including USA. Examining the early history of Islam to America, make quite surprised as well. It turns out that America is identical as the center of the world secularism, Islam was more used to know before the other missionaries from Europe to master the country. These facts might make us look at America differently, namely as part of the region must continue preaching there.

1. Khashshash ibn Said ibn Aswad

There are many versions of who was first brought Islam to America. One of them who could be called the son of Said ibn Aswad Khashshah in recorded history in the year 889 BC has landed on the continent. He brought islam as peaceful religion.

He's a Muslim navigator that comes from Qordoba, Spain. As we know, Spain was a center of Islamic civilization in the West, under the leadership of Bani Umayyad Caliphate II.

This is a fairly robust analysis to be believed, because the power of the Umayyad Caliphate II fleet in Spain when it was very big and immense influence. It is not impossible for the sailors in those days to mengarui Atlantic ocean. Moreover, there is a very high morale to spread Islam all over the world.

With this fact, the American continent including the continent that has been known since the beginning of Islamic teachings. It's remarkable ability of Muslim sailors at that time. With a broad cross the Atlantic ocean, they were listed as among the carriers of Islam to America. Time and distance to within 200 years after Prophet Muhammad's death.

Maybe in the future we will say that the Muslim nation was the one who actually has the right referred to as the inventor of the American continent, not Amerigo Vespucci or Columbus. For new Vespucci discovered the continent in the years 1499-1500 AD. Likewise, the new Columbus arrived in 1492 AD. Comparison with Khashshash bin Said bin Aswad who had landed on the continent in the year 889 AD. That means 600 years earlier than the arrival of the two.

And the arrival of Muslim sailors to the American continent is not just aimed at separately picnic or a walk, but tentuya while spreading God's last religion revealed, namely Islam.

The evidence will further strengthen this theory.

2. Admiral Ceng Ho

Besides history also notes that Admiral Ceng Ho who are Muslims, has also landed in the Americas. Interestingly, the admiral who is also a da `i Muslims are landed 70 years earlier than Columbus.

Even Ceng Ho's fleet and ships much larger than Columbus's ships. But because world history is written by someone else, then the fact that Ceng Ho landed earlier than Columbus as disappeared behind pure lies.

Zheng He's ships are much larger than the ships of Columbus. This ship also recorded've landed in the archipelago, in addition to diplomacy and trade, also spread the message of Islam.

Cheng Ho had Arabic names, Haji Mahmud Shams. He was a Chinese Muslim who was born in 1371 and died in 1433. Famous as the famous Chinese mariner and explorer who made several exploration between the years 1405 to 1433.

3. Columbus

There was also a note from Columbus himself, that on October 21, 1492 he saw a mosque in the voyage between Gibara and the Cuban Coast. This suggests that Columbus also admitted that there were already a number of people in America who converted to Islam, before his arrival.

Columbus thought that the island is still virgin, not inhabited at all. They berorintasi make the island as the expansion of Spanish territory.

But after the burst, Columbus was surprised to find that exact building he had ever seen before when it landed in Africa. The mosque's imposing building is used by the Islamic people to worship.

Initially greeted with a friendly Columbus by the Indians, but after it comes out bad intentions on the island, Columbus got a lot of resistance from local residents. Some of Columbus' fleet of ships belonging to the group sunk by Indian tribes because they feel disturbed and threatened by the arrival of Columbus.

4. Indian Muslims

What is interesting is the Islamic indigenous tribes that inhabited the American continent, namely Indians. The main image of this paper is painting the face of a Cherokee chief, Seqouya.

Recorded so much evidence that the tribes had many who are familiar with the religion of Islam, such as Apache, Cherokee, Sioux, Anasazi, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin Cree, Makkah (similar to the name of Al-Mukarramah mecca), Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Mahigan, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni.

So much evidence that the Indians had embraced Islam. For example, some of the Cherokee writing the 7th century carved on rocks in Nevada are very similar to the words "Muhammad" in Arabic.

Another characteristic is the photograph or painting that we see about the costume worn by the Indians. It turned out that many Indian chiefs wearing distinctive headgear Muslims, like this turban. They even have a script similar Syllabary Arabic script.

And the fact is indisputable, is an agreement between the American government and the Cherokee Indian Chief. Nashkah it is still neatly stored at the National Library Archives building in the capital, Washington DC.
Interestingly, the name of the Cherokee tribe chief Abdel-Khak and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. Obviously it's the name of Muslims.

But the population of many Indian tribes who embraced Islam declined drastically due to the slaughter. One U.S. government's official policy of Indian Removal Act of 1830, which gave official permission for the Europeans to expel or kill the Indians.

Recorded more than 70,000 Indian people expelled from their land, resulting in thousands of deaths.
eorang historian named Dr. Yousef Mroueh calculate, in North America there are at least 565 the name of Islam on behalf of cities, rivers, mountains, lakes, and villages. In the United States alone there are 484 and in Canada there are 81.

Two Muslim holy cities, Mecca and Medina, both also have inscribed the name of the pioneers Muslims on American soil long before Columbus was born. The name Mecca in Indiana, and Medina in Idaho, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Tenesse, Texas, Ontario, Canada. Even in Illinois there is a small town named Mahomet derived from the name of Muhammad.

Native American tribes were also a lot of that comes from the Arabic name, such as Apache Tribe, Anasazi, Arawak, Cherokee, Arikana, Chavin Cree, Makkah, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Mohigan, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni. Even the head of the famous Cherokee Indians, Se-quo-yah who created the letter syllable Cherokee Indians called Syllabari in 1821 was a Muslim and always wearing a turban instead of a bird's feather headband like the one in the movies Wild-West Hollywood .

Show to the world that islam is peaceful religion.

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