Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The essence of Islamic teachings is Peace

Islam is peaceful religion. The teachings of Islam that has the spirit of peace has not yet been fully realized in the life of nation and state. Every political and social change, religious conflict involving the accompanying definite. Islam as a religious body also inhumane because the doctrine of flogging, chopping off of hands, and so forth. Stigma-the stigma that is often a disagreement and debate among Muslims and non-Muslims. How an attempt to eliminate the stigma?

Islam comes from the root word salam which means peace. So Islam means peace and  presence of any significance in Islam is peaceful?Understanding the birth of Islam's own essence, in which his teachings bring peace to mankind. If we are telescoped Islam from three angles, namely aqeedah, Shari'a, and morals, all three lines also radiate peace in real sense. In terms of aqeedah, Islam is an ideological doctrine that directs the human mind to believe in only one absolute power, namely God Almighty. Therefore, He alone is worthy of eminent, submited, raised, feared and loved. Humans are thought to focus on one point will know peace. Conversely, people who believe in many of the elements, lots of power it will not peaceful and serene not because they have to please many people, looking for sympathy many elements. Power and mind drained by many targets, in conditions like this peace will not be obtained.
But there are some people who judge otherwise, mengidentikan Islam as a religion of "the sword", cutting off of hands, flogging, and rough. How?Islam was declared as a "religion rahmatan lil Alamin" (mercy for all of nature) as Allah stated, "And was not I sent thee, O Muhammad, but a blessing for the whole of nature," (Surat al-Anbiya [21]: 107). Islam guarantees happiness and prosperity for mankind because of the perfection of Sharia. Although the application of some laws seem extreme, such as the implementation of hudud law of Qisas or cut the hands and whip on those who commit certain crimes, it does not mean that Islam as a religion that extreme and harsh. Precisely with increasingly manifest themselves as Islam as a religion that guarantees security, peace, and human welfare. This is the beauty and the secret teachings of Islam that brings benefit, not only for Muslims, but also for non-Muslims among themselves, even for nature as a whole. History of Islamic glory period have proved just how shady, safe, and peaceful life in the shade of Islam.
But so far things like that are used as an excuse by people who do not understand Islam as a religion and accused the sadistic, rough, and so forth?Clearly Islam is not like they portray it. If they can see from the Shari'a, a review of the sides is increasingly clear that Islam teaches peace and realize that peace. In the sphere of family, community, and nation. If Shari'a practiced by all family members, created a family sakinah mawaddah wa Rahmah. In the public sphere, Islamic Muamalat set the system, such as selling, pawning, wages, den tenancy. The aim is none other to realize peace. A number of transactions prohibited by the Qur'an and Sunnah as the potential to cause conflict. Islamic Shari'a forbids alcohol, gambling, adultery, murder, slander, and other criminal acts. The reason, alcohol will cause chaos as a result there are people who do not think normally. Gambling raises seedlings fights out of spite and envy.
Back ketudingan circles outside of Islam that Islam was developed through warfare. Actually there is a reason ngak violence or war is permissible in Islam?The word jihad is often we hear often interpreted as the war in physical form. Though the understanding of jihad is the ability to devote the effort that we have for the interests of the struggle in the way of Allah, Allah meangungkan sentence, spreading propaganda Islamiyah, fighting evil in a way that is right, fight against the passions, and to prevent forms of oppression. Warfare in physical form made if the efforts are directed to fight Muslims, country or religion, then Muslims will not hesitate to fight them. Described in the Koran, "Permission (to fight) for those who fight because they have been wronged. Verily, Allah Almighty really help them. Namely those who have been evicted from their homes unjustly ...," (Sura al-Hajj [22]: 39-40).

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