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Written by M. Sena

If we learn earnestly about the prophet of Muhammed SAW we will find that the figure of him is great, therefore  Michael H. Hart put him as first between one hundred influinteal figurs in the world. Why? because he bring a religion that have largest follower comparated the others. Not only to the extent that, but beacause he is the carriers of peace. He was born, then he comes and teach about peaceful life and reconciliation to all of the people. What is the proof that he called as the carriers of peace ? So islam called " islam is peaceful religion "

Here I will explain to you about the historical fact that he is a carriers of peace. This article that tell so clearly about Muhammed personality as the carrier of peace written by Muhhamad Syamsi Ali. He is an islamic leader in New York. He choosen by the mayor of New York as reconciliation team to prevent conflict between   islam and jews pasca the tragedy of al aqsa. Because his articel about Muhammed personality very interesting I take all. Please you understand his article below :

First: Flexibility in Making Peace Agreement
The first evidence of heights commitment to the Prophet in peace efforts is his tolerance and flexibility in accepting the results of peace talks, which is precisely the consideration of most ordinary people regarded as a defeat. But by the Prophet, in order to avoid conflict and war, he took it with vision and purpose is greater. Greatness of his vision to realize that victory is not always achieved precisely through a short-term success.

Here are quoted some of the many agreements (agreements / treaties) that young has to do with other people throughout the history of his life:

1. Long before the Prophet Muhammad was appointed as the Apostle of Allah SWT, he has shown himself as a peacemaker for the various ethnic groups are often involved in the battle. One that may be mentioned, when the "Black Stone" (black stone) fell from its original place at the corner of the Kaaba by the flooding. At that time, almost a bloodbath because of all the tribes feel the most entitled to return to its original place, regarded as one of the tribal nation's honor and prestige of Mecca.
Muhammad SAW, which when it was only young, precisely out with a brilliant idea and accepted by all tribes in dispute. He suggested that determining who is entitled to return the "Black Stone" into its original position is determined by who has the most early entered the Grand Mosque. Apparently, of the many authorities who are interested in entering Makkah Grand Mosque the first time, he, too, who do it. However, beliu realize that although he is entitled to return of Black Stone, will surely arise a sense of "less good" among the authorities that the tribe of Mecca. For that, he put the "Black Stone" with his hands on a turban, and all are welcome to pick chiefs together and put back into its original position. Subhanallah!
Nan wise brilliant action was to avoid bloodshed, even further teaches togetherness and desire to achieve goodness in mutual cooperation. The success of a young Muhammad SAW is a reflection of the true nature of peace and have a strong commitment to bringing peace among fellow human beings.
2. At the beginning of the Prophet migrated, he accepted the arrival of the messenger infidel Mecca in Medina that ended with some agreement. One of the contents of the agreement that "if there are followers of Muhammad fled from Medina to Mecca, which is concerned not to be returned to Medina. Conversely, if there are followers of Muhammad who had fled from Mecca to Medina, the concerned should be sent back to Makkah. "
For a general idea, the agreement is not fair. But the Prophet, with a very high commitment to prevent conflict and build peace, willing to accept it.
3. Hudaibiyah Agreement is one of the treaty which is very popular in Islamic history. One of the contents of the agreement is that the Messenger of year it should go back to Medina, and only allowed to perform pilgrimage to Mecca a year later. In addition, the name used in the agreement may not use the title "Prophet", but use the name of his father's habit boast Arabic, that is Muhammad bin Abdullah.
For many friends, the contents of the agreement is very insulting, and even considered the defeat on the part of the Prophet Muhammad. Umar even to express resistance to the Prophet not to receive such approval. However, it turns out the lovers of peace (peace loving man), the Prophet Muhammad, have no objection to accept the results.
4. The agreement with the Najran delegation (Treaty of Najran) also witnessed the greatness of soul of the Prophet Muhammad's history and commitment to high in the effort to bring peace. In the year 10 AH (631 AD), he was visited by 60 people delegation from Najran Christian population, a region located about 450 miles south of Medina. They were received by the Prophet at the Nabawi mosque and allowed to worship in the mosque as their religious beliefs and procedures.
For three days and three nights, they and the Prophet Muhammad had a dialogue about the "nature" of God (nature of God) and 'Isa But eventually they stick to their stance, and stated that the teachings of Muhammad will not be accepted because they contradict Christian doctrine they believe.
Despite theological differences with them, keep doing Prophet peace agreement known as the "'Ahd Najran" (Treaty of Najran). The peace agreement contains, among others, that "the citizens of Najran Christians get the security of God and His Apostle, both for life, religion, their wealth. There will be no intervention in religion and worship them. There will be no change in the rights and advantages for them. There would be no destruction of houses of worship or other religious symbols. If any of those who seek justice for the people of Islam, then justice will be established between them ".
Treaty or any treaties mentioned above, showing remarkable commitment of an apostle and leader, statesman, diplomat eminent politicians as well as unequaled in history. Remarkable of all was, how his vision was so far ahead to see a bigger benefit over short-term interests. Prophet commitment to peace and peace became the basis of all these characters.

Second: The Messenger of Proving Love Peace Islamic Teachings

Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of the great treatise. As a bearer of the message, of course he has to, not only deliver, but at the same, het he has to makes examples concretely how its implementation. Therefore, if we go back to the basic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (al-Islam), it would be seen easily that Islam does teach and to realize peace and uphold peace.

Taking the name for this religion, namely Islam which originated from the "flesh," which means safe and well "silm and salaam" (peace) confirmed the basic character of Islam itself. Various aspects of Islam and then, everything is geared towards this noble aspect, even including battle command though, is nothing but aims to uphold peace and justice. So none of the Islamic religion substasi unless brought to the values of peace and peace.

Prayers for instance, is the highest form of worship in Islam. Prayer begins with the Takbir, which upholds the Asma Allah menhunjam closely into the soul of the perpetrator. So prayer is a form of dhikr (remembrance of Allah) the highest, with which the inner Muslim feeling of infinite peace. But the peace of the soul does not end, but must be continued with a wider peace, which is social peace. Therefore, prayer will not be valid when not end with a commitment to spread peace to others. Greeting uttered at the end of prayer is the highest form of commitment from a Muslim in creating social peace.

Thus the importance of "peace" and "peace" in the view of Islam, Prophet Muhammad once said, "You're not going to heaven so that ye love one another. I Hendakkah tnjukkan you something if you do it, surely you will love each other? "Companions replied:" Yes O Messenger of Allah ". His Word: "Sprinkle salam (peace) amongst you."

Spread the greeting by the hadith of course not only used the words. But most importantly, our commitment to realizing a comprehensive greeting (comprehesive peace); salam (peace) individually ALSO show social peace. Starting with the word, lived in the spirit and proven with real deeds.

People of faith like this is called "servants of God" ('IbaadurRahmaan), which if walked on this earth, they are humble. Even if addressed are ignorant (uncivilized manner) by fools, they still respond with "Salaam" (in peaceful manner.) They will not and do not need to do a spontaneous reaction to the fall of the norms of peace. They are aware, that Islam is exalted positive reactions which are based to a large and constantly-based benefit peace.

Third: The revelation of the Qur'an in Peaceful Atmosphere

In addition to containing the various commitments of peace and peace, the Qur'an is also described reduced in a night full of peacefulness. In S. Al Qadr is mentioned: "And the angels come down and also the Spirit (Gabriel) on the orders of their Lord (take) all orders. (The night was filled with) the "Salaam" or peace so that the dawn has come ".

Views falling like this Qur'an is nothing but meant that it comes in a very peaceful atmosphere, and it is definitely aimed at creating an atmosphere of eternal peace, so that the expected arrival time, which is Doomsday. The words "salaam hiya hatta mahtla'il dawn" might be the picture of eternal peace so that the "dawn" Divine greatness comes in the form of al Qiyaamah arrived later.

Fourth: The atmosphere of heaven Described full of "Peace"

Name of Heaven itself, one of them, is the "House of Peace" (Daarussalam). Menfirmankan God: "And for them" Darussalam / House of Peace with their Lord and God is the guardian for them for what they have done. "

When encountered by the servants of God in heaven someday, they say "Salaam" (Peace). He said: "Greetings homage to them in time see him is" Salaam ", and God provides for them a great reward."

Every time the Angels entered and visit them, the angels say "Salaam": "And the angels enter to them and say: Salaam (survivors / peace) upon you all for your patience. It's beautiful eternal home (heaven). "

Fifth: God Himself and Resources Named Peace (Salaam)

God himself named Himself with, one of them, as-Salaam (The Peace). "He is Allah, there is no god but Him, the Master, The Holy, The Peace ...". Even God is mentioned by the Prophet in one of the sunna dhikr as "source and place of return" eternal peace, as mentioned in dhikr: "cor Antas minKa as Salaam wa Salaam, fahayyinaa Rabbanaa bissalaam ... ..".

Sixth: Commandments for Doing Good (al-ihsan)

Allah in the Qur'an commanded His Messenger to do good without any restriction and discrimination: "And do good as Allah has done unto you".

Some scholars judge, an order to the Prophet this is a command that is extraordinary. How could the Prophet is human, with all its limitations, such as consideration of human intellect, feeling, etc.., Will be able to match God in good works (good deeds)? For that, there is no other intention of this paragraph except that the good deeds in the eyes of Islam is not limited by a variety of human limitations. Presumably, good deeds (good deeds) is not done in a discriminatory because of race, class, skin color, socioeconomic level, even though religious belief.

Prophet Muhammad have proved it. He makes neighboring with the Jews, entered into an agreement with the Christians, and all recognize the height of "ihsan" (nobility), the Prophet Muhammad. So very reasonable, if God himself who gives recognition: "It was not I sent you except as rahmatan for the whole universe." Even further: "You are a virtuous person who is most high" (S. al-Pen).

A sense of love and affection the Prophet, it is not just limited to the human race let alone the Muslims only. But it also has proven to all God's creatures, even to the animals though. He recounted: "One time, there was a man who is very thirsty because of the biting heat. To remove these thirst, the man found a deep well. He had entered it and drink as much, then climb to the top. Arriving at the top, he found a dog and almost died from thirst. So he once again entered the well, filled his shoes with water and bit him as he climbed the wall into the upper wells. Arriving at the top, he gave to the dog. Due to the dog's good act this, God forgives sins and put them in Heaven "The Companions asked:" Is there any reward obtained from an animal? "He replied:" In all creatures there live perfect reward. "

Even one time, he found a burned ant suggestions. He asked: "Who did this?" The friend replied that they are doing it. He then said: "Nobody has the right to fire for the fire burn itself except God."

All this proves that "good deeds" (commitment goodness) Prophet Muhammad is universal, without any discrimination, even to the animals though. Long before organizations animal rights (animal rights organizations) grown in the western world, Islam and His Apostle have taught compassion to animals. Another hadith narrated: "A woman going to hell just because binding of a cat without eating, and not also let him find his food."

Finally, the classic unfounded accusations against the Prophet can still be maintained? What is the accusation that the Prophet Muhammad is the figure of a rigid, hard, and anti-peace still acceptable? I am sure, with various historical facts and refer to the fact that such a sublime teachings of Islam, not a human right mind would ever deny that Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad, not just a symbol of peace and true peace, but has become a "Peace initiator" and "Peace Maker "throughout human history. ( M. Ali Shams
New York)

I think his article very interesting and can describe islam as peaceful religion. After read his article I hope all of islamic observer can understand that islam is peaceful religion and all of islam religion follower have to aplied these concept.

" Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion "

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