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Vision of Islam is justice, equality and peace

Written by M. Sena

Islam is peaceful religion
The etymology of the word Islam comes  from Aslama-yuslimu, Islam has  means "salvation", "peace" and prosperity in the broadest sense of Islam can be interpreted as a form of belief which taught that Prophet Muhammad SAW invites mankind to always believe in Allah, carry out all commanded and abstaining from all that prohibition and spread peace throughout nature.

Why Islam called  as peaceful religion?

Islam does not only bring mercy to the Muslims, but also for all people. Prophet Muhammad was sent by God to this world that Islam is given to him was he who said to be the bearer of grace to nature. "
I have not sent you except as grace   to Nature" (the word of God)
Therefore Islam is the Bearer of Peace for the whole of nature. God created man in various ethnic groups to know each other. Broad sense to know here is the entire human instructed to make no distinction between tribe, race or status. Islam teaches peace for such differences do not become the reason for each broken to pieces. Live in peace among religions and among different religions.

As word of God in the letter of al hujurat 13:

" O mankind, We created you from a male and a female and made you a nation - peoples and tribes that ye may know each other-knowing. Indeed, the most honorable among you hand of God is the most god-fearing among you. Allah is Knower, Aware."

Why is Islam a source of peace? because Islam Teaches Equality between people, Principle of Equality between people is the supreme principle upheld as the word of God that in the letter al hujurat as described above.

Then, Islam was born as an enforcer of justice, Islam is very objective and rational in the enforcement of justice. Someone is not tolerated for any breach silence from those who loved or hated reward people outside of propriety. Justice must be really fair, even to yourself, mother father and the relatives.
God's Word in the letter of nisa’ 58':
" Allah commands you convey the message to the right to accept, and (tell you) if it establishes the law among men in order that you specify with the fair. Verily Allah gives his best teaching you. Verily Allah is Oft see hear again."
Islamic justice for everyone, not just for Muslims. Anyone who is weak, whatever their religion, should be assisted. We must think in terms of nation-state frame with the humanitarian problems of cross-border

Vision of islam is uphold equality, justice, and peace. Muhammad carries islam as peaceful religion. Peaceful in islam  just not for  it’s follower but for all. ( source : Charisatul Ummi )

"Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion "


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