Thursday, 28 October 2010


Written by M. Sena

Proof That Islam Is a Peaceful Religion

Here I will tell to you all of proof that islam is peaceful religion, not violence religion. All of these proof we can take them from the qur'an, prophet statement, and historical fact about the prophet ( Muhammad SAW ) and his friends.

First: Islam is the religion brought by Prophet MuhammadSAW as rohmatal lil'alamin. Let alone the whole of nature even humans have mercy with coming this religion.. Examples of Islam forbid we do not waste water in the hole of ants. And there again in another narration forbid we make the donkey as the seat, Then in another hadith nabiSaw. Says: what if you want to slaughter make your  knife be sharp. In order for these animals are not tortured. From the history is already clear to us that Islam came as rohmatal lil'alamin. Animals just got a blessing with the arrival of Islam let alone humans. So this is the first evidence that peace-loving religion of Islam was not promoting violence.

 Second: when Fathul makkkah (liberation of the city of Mecca). There was no bloodshed that occurred at the time. If you put forward the Islamic violence if I believe the infidels in Mecca when it will kill everything, because they had tortured the Muslims before. Imagine nation of Islam came with a strong army more powerful and the infidels when it does not berdaya.Namun no bloodshed that occurred. Even the Prophet. Removing the beautiful words: who entered into the house Sofyan ashes will be safe. It is clear to us that Islam is far from the nature of revenge let alone violence. 

Allah says: (fa ing qotaltum faqtuluhum) which means: if you fight then fight them. In the above verse tells us that Islam never start wars. But what if Islam fought against the new commanded to fight them. It's called self-defense is not a force. Even in wars there are rules that must be adhered to Islamic ummah in order to avoid oppression. Example Islam prohibits killing of prisoners of war, vehicles like horses, women, and civilians. Subhanallah it became evident to us that Islam away from violence and  oppression.

 Fourth: when the prophet Muhammed. Thrown with stones so that his body full of blood. Then the prophets resting under a tree, come angels offer something by saying, O Muhammad indeed they have exceeded the limit. Do I need to turn this mountain that they lost everything? Subhanallah ... prophet did not fulfill the offer, even the beautiful words that came out of his mouth in the form of prayer: (Allahummaghfirlahum innahum la ya'lamun) meaning: O God forgive them they really do not know. Is this story not quite as proof that Islam away from violence. Revenge nature prohibited by Islam let alone violence. 

there is a history when the prophet was bathed with saliva every time you pass through the area, but one day the prophet through the ground again, the prophet did not found the saliva that fell from above, then the Prophet wondering where ordinary people who spit on me? Apparently the prophet to the news people are sick. 

Then the Prophet came to bring the fruits to visit that person. And finally the person to convert to Islam by looking at a very noble moral prophet. Subhanallah .... So noble Prophet. Never do violence even with his enemy alone. There are many other proofs that we can not describe here, hopefully the above five is enough evidence to prove that Islam is the religion rohmatallil'alamin, or religion of peace. away from violence and kezhaliman. And Allaah knows best. Wa ilaihitur jau'l age. ( taken from, written by :Khair syuhada’ )

All of that prove that islam is peaceful religion, not violence religion. 

" Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion "

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