Monday, 25 October 2010


Written by M. Sena

Islam Is Peaceful Religion

After the attack on the twin towers world trade center 11 september saveral years ago, islam religion describted as violence religion or terrorist religion. There are many islamic observer expecialy from the west, discuss about islam and they take a conclution that islam is violence religion. Is their conclution true? And in fact, is there violence in islam and if really there is violence in islam what caused it? is islam teach it's follower to act violence and terrorism? In this article I will answer all of these question?

I don't agree with their conclution and I say that their conclution is wrong. Why? We can conclude that a religion or an certain organization  as violence organization or terrorist organization if it teachs about violence and the follower do it. How about the islam religion? Islam doesn't teach violence even more terrorist, but islam teach about peaceful and reconciliation.So islam called " islam is peaceful religion" Allah says in the qur'an : an nahl : 90 :
" Verily Allah Telling you to be fair and do something well, to give (love) to the relatives and God forbid from doing evil, (do) and do heinous crimes, (do) hostility, He gave instruction to you so that you can take instruction."
Prophet Muhammad SAW said: " Verily the most wrath of God is the person who is very much hostile to people."
In fact why there is violence in islam, like someone who says that they are the following of this religion  and attacked and bombed someplace, for example someone who attacked and bombed pedis cafe in Bali and JW Mariot Hotel in Jakarta? I think there are many thing that drive them do it. First, they or someone who gives them intruction false in understanding saveral God's intruction in the qur'an. 
Surat Al-Anfal: 39 "And attack them, to lest fitnah and So that religion Purely for God "
Qur'an :At-Tauba verse 123"O believers, fight the men that unbelievers( moslem enemy) around You that ... "
You have to know that all of this God intruction instructed in war situation, when the prophet Muhammad and his follower attacked by their enemy, and intruction that instructed in war situation can not be instructed in peace situation. So islam doesn't teach about violence but islam is peaceful religion, islam teach about peaceful life and reconcliation.
Islam forbids it's follower act killing someone for no reason. Like the God statement in the qur'an :

" Whoever kills a human being unless it be to kill someone else (not because qishash), or for spreading mischief in the earth, then as if he killed all mankind, and whoever maintains the life of a human being, then as if he has maintained life of all mankind" ( al-Maidah 5: 32).

Based upon the word of Allah we can take conclution that killing someone must be reason, like qishas or war, without qishas or war we should not kill. So forbiden killing in peace situation.

To be continued

"Say to the world taht islam is peaceful religion"

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