Friday, 8 October 2010


Written by M. Sena
8.  Patience is one of the key of peaceful life.

    The word patience is meaning from the arabic word   “ shobaro ( Past Verb )-yasbiru               ( Present Verb )- shobron ( Noun ). It’s mean is receiving anything that happen by quaiet think and peace heart ( Ikhlas in arabic word ). There are four kinds of patience :

1)    Patience in doing Allah ‘s intruction and the prophet’s

In islam religion there are many intruction from Allah swt and Muhammad SAW as His prophet, for example: doing shalat in fife time, zakat, fasting, haji ( visiting Mecca and Madinah at the dhulhijah month ) and so on. As peaceful religion follower, if we do all of that by patience will never feel hard and we will get great reward from the God like peaceful heart, blles, and the paradise after death.

2)    Patience in difficulties life.

Some time we have to experience difficulties in our life like experience the nature  disaster, live in poor, get illnes ect.  In this case we must believe that all of these is “takdir” from the God. All God’s takdir that happen usualy is life learning in order to we always think about this life, then remember to all God’s giving and bless. If we can experience these by patience insyaAllah difficulties life will never make us low or  sick and our life will stay in peaceful.

3)    Patience in leaving maksiat.

Do you know what is the meaning of  “maksiat “. Maksiat taken from arabic word   ‘asho ( Past Verb ) – ya’shi ( Present Verb ) – ma’shiyatan ( noun ). It’s meaning is something or some  activity that our God hate them. So doing them make us fall down ni the hell, for example corruption, kill someone, making love with our friend’s wife or husban and so on. If we can stop our desire to do maksiat like making love with many ledies and gent that are not our wife or husban, insyaAllah our life will be full of God’s bless and the happiness will around us. Believe please !

4)    Patience in God’s life testing

This life is god’s testing, happy or sad, rich or poor, king or people. About this case Allah has says in the qur’an : Al Mulk : 1 : “ He has created live and death, for give you testing who are you will be the best in activity.”
In this God’s life testing   there are two kinds of person, successful an failure. Who does it patiently and seriously, every day and night always doing well insya Allah he will be the winner and successful, but who always follow his negative desire and doing anything that he want without seeing God rule he will get failure. Then his life  will never be peaceful.

 “ Say to the  world that islam is peaceful religion “

To be continued

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