Thursday, 7 October 2010


Written by M. Sena

5. Always remember to Allah swt as our God.

    Allah swt says in the  al qur’an: ar ra’du 28 : “  All of person who have iman ( in their heart ) and their heart will be quaiet by remember to Allah. You have to know that just with remember to Allah your heart will be quaiet. “
Based Allah ‘s statement  above we can take the conclution that the positive effect of remember to  Allah ( Dzikrullah in arabic ) is very large for our heart, our heart stay in peaceful everyday. Why does this can be happen ? Because dzikrullah automaticly gives us a spiritual energy  that makes our heart very strong, so although come in hard problem every time our heart will stay in peaceful. There are more people around the world that always remember with Allah day and night feel their life so happy and they can give the happiness or peaceful to all. Based the studying of psicolog in the USA that life in peaceful makes our age longer than someone who can not solves his hard problem and his life stay in sad.  Here we can find  the power of islam, islam is really peaceful religion.

6.  Give problem solving to anyone who need it.

    Rasulullah SAW says on his hadist “ Who always gives problem solving to all in the world, Allah will gives problem solving to him in the world and in the akhirat. “
    The hard problem of life is something that can make anyone who experience it feel stress. As long as that problem not solved yet his life never be quaiet. Then if we give him the problem solving it has meaning we have give him peaceful life, we make his life so happy.  And God, because of that He  will gives us the great reward; gives us the problem solving in the world as long as we live and in the akhirat after death, while the problem in the akhirat is more hard compared in the world, so the problem solving in the akhirat is more great than here and makes us life in peaceful forever.

7.  We have the habit in shodaqoh.

    Do you know what is the meaning of shodaqoh? The root of word “ shodaqoh”  shodaqo, it mean is true. Shodaqoh is past verb, after taken in noun it being “shodaqoh”. The meaning of this word is spent money for  giving to  someone who need it by  “ikhlas lillahita’ala “. Ikhlas is doing something without certain tendention but just for Allah. Islam religion recommend it’s follower to apply this activity because the use of it is very large to our life. Clearly all of one who receive our giving will ask to Allah in order to He give us all of His reward. Certainly these all will make our life stay in peace. As islam religion follower we have to apply these all in our daily life. If these activity really can aplied in islam world “ Islam is peaceful religion “ not just a slogan but something real.

" Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion "

To be continued

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