Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Written by M. Sena

3. Make akhirat life as the largest of life purposes.

If we depend our life purposes on the first life ( live in the world ) will be there a lof of bad effect, for example : A person who makes first life as final purposes, really he will experiences serious disappoinment if something that he want to get it failed,  and his life will never in peace.  Different with someone who makes first life as something little in meaning and makes the akhirat life as something great and being it as final purposes, he will never experiences the serious disappoinment and his life always should be  happy. Why these case can be happen ? Because all of works in the world may be successful an may be failure. If anything that being someone’s goal really in failure, he tries again after get failure, tries again and tries again but the successful that he want  never comes to him, really someone who makes first life as final purposes will feels his life nothing meaning. But someone who see the world as a something little, although all of his want in this life really in failure an never success he will never feels serious disappoinment and his life always in peace because his final purposes of life is   not in the world but in akhirat. These prove that Islam is a peaceful religion.  How about you ?

4. Looking for friends more and more.

    Before I talk you about this topic, I will explain to you about the concept of friend in islam. Because islam is peaceful religion so friend relationship in islam is just for peace. The word “friend” in islam  have meaning someone who have meets, introduces and he or she have emotional relationship with us; we have empathy feeling with him or her and he or she have too. In order to the relationship between one friend and the other friend in islam is very near, we can say it “ from  heart to heart “. So we looking for friend not for certain ambition or just  business tendention but for really friend relationship. And how about the way to get many really friend ?
1.    Always do something well with anyone whereever an whenever without saw their background in money,  ethnic and employment.
2.    Give help to enyone who needed.
3.    Every time we have to spent our time for “ silaturahmi”. Do you know what is the meaning of “silaturahmi”. Silaturahmi is visiting friend and give them our empathy.
4.    We have to love our friend like we love with ourselves.
I believe that we do all of that we will get many friends, just not friends but really friends who know deeply with us and us too, and the peaceful life will very near with our life. These concept have saw to us and to all of people around the world that islam not violence religion but islam is peaceful religion. 

" Say to the wofld that islam is peaceful religion "

To be continued

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