Monday, 11 October 2010


Written by M. Sena

9.  Keep our  emotional.

    One day, comes to Rasulullah SAW  a man. Then he ask to him about  an advice. “ Ya Rasulullah, give me an advice.  May be that man want live in peaceful. He know that islam is peaceful religion so he asks it to Rasulullah as the prophet .  “ Okey “ says Rasulullah SAW. “ Don’t  Angry ! “ . This message have very deep meaning. May be you have a quastion, why Rasulullah says to him “ don’t  angry” ? What thing  that being the background of his message ?I have a few ,  Rasulullah SAW as a great teacher  knows about the large of negative result of ignoring emotional aspect. There are several negative result of angry :

1)    Angry is  not problem solving but angry  often makes  some one who experience it  added his problem, for example ; many leader have perseption that angry can makes their follower fear with them then ready to act whatever  their  intruction, insteads the follower  hate them. So the relation between the leader and the follower being destructed.

2)    Man or woman who have this character ( angry ) usually  get illnes easly , for example; there are many person who have this character stroke before 50 years old.

3)    A person who often  being angry his life and the other will far from peaceful.

Emotional aspect that must we keep always  just not angry but the other such as sad, hate, and disappointed. As peaceful religion, islam teachs us to  keep  all.  Angry, sad, hate, and disappointed are something that usually happen in our life, so leave them totality in order to we live without angry, sad, hate and disapointed are impossible. So something that we can is manage  our emotional.

10. Say “ salam “ every  meet  each  others.

    In  every meeting with anyone whereever, in the mosque, street,  mountain and the other places Rasulullah always says “ Assalamu’alaikum WR. Wb “  The meaning of it is  “ peace and safety for you, grace and blessing  from Allah swt for you too. “
    If we think deeply about “salam”, really it’s has many positive result, for example :

1.    Make the relationship between one and the others full of love and bless from the God.
2.    “ Salam” as pray of one to the others, so between of them get blessing from the God together.
3.    To lose the hate feel from the heart.
4.    To keep the relationship from anything that can destruct it.
5.    “ Salam “ as the source of peaceful  in relationship between the moslem people  and the others.
6.    “salam” can eliminate all forms of resentment in the hearts

I believe by exchange salam each other hostility in this world can be suppressed as much as possible, so the human in this world will live together in peace without seeing the background of tribe and race. These is large purpose of islam religion, from the beginning until now islam still remain consistent spreading peace all over the world. All have to know that islam is peaceful religion.

“ Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion!

The end.

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