Thursday, 1 December 2011

Knitting for Peace Through Sufism

Written by : Moh. Yasin, researcher at the Center for Islamic Studies and the State (PSIK) Paramadina, students ICAS S2-Paramadina University, Jakarta
Islam is peaceful religion. To realize peaceful life we have to understand the religious behavior. Religious behavior most modern Muslim societies tend to get stuck on the behavior that is momentary and instantaneous.
There is a tendency to impose a particular belief or understanding to put that doctrine and teachings which he believed was the only one that can be used as the basis to resolve all the problems of life.And the result, instead of promoting the teachings of Islam, that there is even coercion conviction. Quite often attempt to impose understand it's done with emotion and violence by bringing the spirit of jihad, which raises the phobic disorders (obsessive fear) in the community.
Disorientation in the running of religious life may be the right word to describe the behavior of such a diversity of modern society. Therefore, the behavior is likely to impose beliefs and their understanding of other people, even with violence, is deprived of the essence of religious teachings.

Of course this is contrary to religious messages. Since its birth as the Abrahamic religions, whether Christianity, Judaism and Islam, carries the same thing that is liberation and peace for his people. In Islam, for example, not an inch piece of hadith and Qur'anic verses ever taught the evil and ugliness.

At the time of life where disputes are frequent, hatred and wrath maintained, violence and oppression implanted, as well as honesty and truth are always ignored, said peace will become something very coveted by every human being. Moreover, the developing world filled with violence, intolerance, to the erosion of living with a sense of awareness because of the attitude of selfishness and individualism.

Therefore, the success of the peace and tranquility of life of the world is very much determined by religious actors, the extent of their religious behavior religious messages represent the intrinsic, rather than on the basis of religious interpretations that are partial. As well as the settlement of various problems without violence must be done consistently by peace activists.

Teachings of Sufism might be an interesting bargaining power in the lives of today's modern society. Islamic Sufism carries one keyword which is love, love for God and love for fellow human beings. Through the spirit of love and beauty, Sufism always uphold the universal values ​​and greatly appreciate pruralitas. Therefore, through a campaign of love, the values ​​of Islamic Sufism is very precise serve as the driving force is created and the establishment of world peace.

Sufism is not really a new doctrine after the Qur'an and the Hadith. Sufism is a doctrine that seeks to find the true nature of truth through his own path. Teachings of Sufism always put each event in the framework of God's destiny and put every effort is made within the framework for seeking God's pleasure.

Dialogue with God

The culmination of the teachings of the Sufi is an effort to get closer to God, the essence is the emergence of awareness of the relationship or communication and dialogue between the human soul with God. To get to the peak stage of unity with the haq (truth), Sufism teaches the stages or levels of road leading to the ultimate truth.

These levels are takhalli, attempts to distance himself from doing bad and evil or sin, then tahalli, efforts adorn life with good deeds, the last tajalli, the peak of the purity of heart and soul so it blends with the properties of God in the act and do in life fellow.

Efforts to cleanse the liver is the key word to instill love and peace to the Islamic sufism. Tolerance, mutual respect, mutual respect, mutual help and being inclusive of others beliefs and teachings can only be embraced by the spirit of love, the love of God that later manifested in behaviors that lead to the love of peace amongst the world's life. For the Sufi, violent ideology was born and emerged from the filthy heart, which is far from love, thus forming the psychology and thinking that lead to bad actions, hard and evil.

In the Sufi context, efforts to prevent misconduct should only be done with the mouth and hands without involving the liver. Because the liver is the major factor getter attitude and behavior of human action. If the human heart clean then the action itself in the form of evil speech and actions will be unavoidable. Therefore, Sufism teaches that the heart should only see the problems that occur as the providence of God.

Liver involvement in a variety of settlement issues will only lead to anger and violence. This is because modern society is the human heart is still filled with dirt, so it is very far from the purity and softness of a touch of love and affection. Because, only with love and peace for ourselves personally sayanglah someone can be obtained at once peace to the universe.

Humans should learn on how attitudes and the nature of the sea. Sea is the gathering place of waste and garbage, but it does not change, remain calm and salty as nature. A pure heart is the heart that is like the sea, calm, tolerant, open and receptive to anything with the open heart with love and affection.

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