Thursday, 1 December 2011

Islam Teaches softness & PEACE

Al-Ustadz Drs. Ahmad Sukina
Chairman of Majlis Tafsir Al qur'an (MTA)
Islam is peaceful religion. Verily God is gentle and love to gentleness. He will give you something because of the softness that will not be given because of violence, and not given because the properties of others. [HR. Muslim Juz 4, p.. 2003]

الا اخبركم بافضل من درجة الصيام و الصلاة و الصدقة? قالوا: بلى. قال: اصلاح ذات البين, فان فساد ذات البين هي الحالقة

"Shall I inform you that matters more mainstream than fasting, prayer and shedeqah". Companions replied, "Yes O Messenger of Allah". Rasulullah SAW said, "That is to reconcile disputes among you, because the destruction of peace among you is the shaver (destroyer) religion". [HR. Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi]

Of the two hadith can we imagine so beautiful Islam teaches gentleness, not violent, and love peace, to the Prophet Muhammad said that reconciling people who disagree more mainstream than fasting, prayer and Sadaqah.

Disputes let alone to fight essentially has to shave his religion. It means people who like to turmoil and strife that was not using the rules of his religion.

In addition to teaching gentleness and peace, Islam also teaches decisiveness in the opinionated, and can not compromise with any form of crime. In this regard the Prophet Muhammad advised,

لا تكونوا امعة تقولون ان احسن الناس احسنا, و ان ظلموا ظلمنا, و لكن وطنوا انفسكم, ان احسن الناس ان تحسنوا و ان اساءوا فلا تظلموا.

"Do not you all be the one who went along with it. You say, "If people do good (honest, trust, etc.) we also do good anyway, and if people do dhalim (cheating, khiyanat etc.) we also do so." However, your courageous stance. If people do good then you're doing good too, and if people do not do the crime you go to do so. [HR. Tirmidhi juz 3, p.. 246]

People who have no such establishment in our language is called "ajur-ajer", can adjust to the circumstances in which he lived. People who like this some people say "jaunty", flexible, and even said to the wise, be acceptable in the environment anyway. While the Islamic view of such people are called hypocrites, as stated,

وإذا لقوا الذين آمنوا قالوا آمنا وإذا خلوا إلى شياطينهم قالوا إنا معكم إنما نحن مستهزئون

"If the meeting (assembly) with those who believe, express his faith and doing the show as proof of his faith, but when you meet (together) with syaithan-syaithan their (bad friend) they say," I concur with you ". [QS. Al-Baqarah: 14]

Indeed, in this life sometimes must specify one of two options. If not invited to do a lie, cheat, deviating from the teachings of his religion, will be loved and be loyal companions. However, when sticking to his religion, continue to apply a straight, honest, even ostracized, hated, said semuci, and so on. But such people are loved by God.

وإن كادوا ليفتنونك عن الذي أوحينا إليك لتفتري علينا غيره وإذا لاتخذوك خليلا (73) ولولا أن ثبتناك لقد كدت تركن إليهم شيئا قليلا (74) إذا لأذقناك ضعف الحياة وضعف الممات ثم لا تجد لك علينا نصيرا

"And the fact they almost turn you out of what We have revealed to you, that ye make the others are lying to us, and if it were so certainly | ah they took your friend setia.dan So if we do not strengthen (heart) you, Almost surely you lean a little to them, that case is true We'll taste a (punishment) doubled in this world and so (also torture) doubled after death, and you will not get a helper against us " . [QS. Al-Israa ': 73-75]

Faced with such a steadfast faith for those who will remain steadfast stance, choosing to remain straight honest so loved by God, though despised by humans. May we all, including choosing who loved God with all hazards.

Solopos (06/24/2011)

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