Thursday, 24 November 2011

Presenting Islam as peaceful religion

By: Taufik Rahman Sipahutar, S.Sos.I.

During this time, peace becomes the doctrine of the unthinkable (allamufakkar fihi). Peace is understood as "the doctrine of heaven" which belongs only to God alone. God is called as a creator of peace, while human beings are destined to fight and hostile. Ironically, war or jihad is considered as the most authentic God's command to resolve the problems of humanity. On the one hand, God is symbolized as the bearer of peace, but on the other hand, the Lord also teaches in the war.
Ironically again, the doctrine of peace life after death considered doctrine. Conception of dar al-salam (place of peace) connoted as a paradise, while the world is considered a game (wa la'bun lahwun) which always ended with a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of moral, and ethical crisis. The world is considered as a stain and sin. The doctrine of this kind encourage an understanding of peace as a utopia, illusion and dreams.

Therefore, it is necessary to see the state of efforts to initiate constructive and reconstructive theology of peace. Required at least three steps: first, theological awareness is needed that contains the message, that peace is God's teachings that need to be earthed, so that peace is not only belongs to God alone, but belong to man in nature. Peace in heaven and peace on earth.

Interpret Islam is peaceful religion, is actually in line with the nature of Islam itself. Islam comes from the word Salima - yadama - shake hands, which means: peace. Then developed in four root words, aslama - yuslimu - Islamization, which means: to reconcile. The meaning of Islam as it presupposes that every Muslim must cultivate the "peace" in the heart in order to "reconcile" the other person. Therefore, Islam is not a passive religion that includes the doctrine of peace and personal peace in the region, but more than that, Islam is a religion which necessitates active measures pro-active to always spread peace in the social sphere.

Here, we can use the new rules in our diversity, that is authentic in Islam is peace (al-ashlu huwa fi al-Islam al-salam) as a criticism of the rule which has been developed in the tradition of Islam, that Islam is a religion of war ( ashlu fi al-al-Islam huwa al-harb). Thus, we can proclaim the slogan, 'goodbye to war and violence, welcome peace ".

Because of the importance of peace in Islam. Allah says in the Qur'an, And if two parties of believers fight, then make peace both. But if one of them rebelled against the other, then fight back who defied it until he returned to God's commands. When they return, make peace both in a fair manner. Let be fair. Indeed the believers are brothers. Then let you make peace between you, and fear Allah that you have mercy. (Q.S. al-Hujurat: 9-10).

Second, the campaign "the world as a place of peace". This step is a continuation of improvisation and theological consciousness above, that the necessary practical steps to unearth the peace. Essentially, peace not only in heaven, but also on earth. The doctrine of "Lord of heaven and earth God" requires grounding of Islamic teachings, such as the call of peace.

Here, we can appreciate the essence of Islam, that the essence of perfection the teachings of Islam can be obtained when peace truly be a doctrine of the earth. Mentioned in the Qur'an, O ye who believe, let you enter in total peace, and do not follow the traces of Satan, surely he is your enemy (Surah al-Baqarah: 208).

The verse proves that the totality of Islam is the totality of the peace. Therefore, efforts to spread the doctrine of peace must be getting serious attention from all Muslims, so that peace is really a treasure of earthiness.

Third, the required writing a new history, that peace is the sunnah of the Prophet is extremely valuable for a civilized life. In addition to the history of the wars of the Prophet, is still a lot of history that explains a lot about the prophet of peace who performed. For example, about peace between the Anshor and immigrants when he migrated to Medina.

The theology of peace is a religious heritage that should be inculcated to every individual, so berislam is living in peace and understanding diversity. Religion is no longer at war, no more hate and hostile to others. Peace efforts made so far, that's where the real essence of Islam enforced.

Escalation of violence are so high in our social life lately true must be seen as a valuable lesson for the people of religion, that religion has not been functioning optimally to quell the violence. Therefore, need to lift the doctrines of the synthesis of the call for peace.

True spirit of peace must be a culture that adorn everyday life. Every individual, family, community in a variety of ethnic, ethnicity, race, religion wherever possible to bury all forms of doctrine contrary to the values ​​of peace. Violence and conflict must be rejected and opposed any fee to be paid, because of violence and conflict is not the core teachings of any religion. Every religion should be able to express this doctrine of peace for peace on earth. So fitting for us to hear the message of Ibn Rushd: When you get the truth from their different religions accept and be ye thankful. Conversely, if you get error or mistake, should you forgive and fix it. May we include people who always wanted to maintain peace and remain in this earth.

Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion

* The author is Alumni of Faculty. Da'wah IAIN - SU

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