Wednesday, 16 November 2011


  Writen by M. Sena

To create an atmosphere of peace and security in a new city for Islam (Medina), Prophet Muhammad make arrangements to be friend and peace with the Jews, who dwelt in and around the city of Medina. In this agreement established and recognized the right of freedom of each class to hold and practice their faith. This is one of the political agreement which shows the wisdom of Prophet Muhammad, as a political expert who accomplished. Actions like this has been done by the Prophets and Apostles the foregoing, either by the Prophet 'Isa and the Prophet Musa a.s. or the Prophets before them.
Status of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. not only just as a prophet and messenger, but also in Islamic societies him as a political expert, peace maker, accomplished diplomat, in the midst of the battlefield him as a valiant hero, and in treating the defeated enemy, he as a knight who unequaled.

Among the contents of the Prophet made treaties with the Jews, among others:

* That the Jews lived peacefully with Muslims, both parties are free to embrace and execute their respective religion.
* The Muslims and Jews must bertolong's help, to fight those who fight them. The Jews were spending their own responsibility, and Islamic people carry their own shopping anyway.
* The Muslims and Jews must counsel-advised, and the mutual help and execute righteousness and virtue.
* That the holy city of Medina is a city that must be respected by those who are bound by the treaty.
If a dispute between the Jews and the Muslims, if feared would lead to things that are not desirable, then the matter ought to be submitted to Allah and His Messenger.
* That anyone who lives within or outside of the city of Medina, shall diperlindungi his security, except the despotic and guilty, because God became patron of good and dutiful.

Thus, the political agreements made by the Prophet Muhammad since 13 centuries ago, which turned out to freedom of religion and thought and honor the rights of life and property rather than Islamic groups, has been assured. Agreement made by the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. This is a new event in the world of politics and civilization, for that time in various corners of the earth, still applies rape and plundering of human rights.

Due to the agreements made by the Prophet Muhammad with the Jews, and other agreements made with the Jews of Bani Quraizhah, the city became a holy city madina or "Madinatul Haram" in the sense of the word truth because each resident has the responsibility and assume mutual obligations, to conduct security , and in order to defend and defend against any attack from the enemy where juapun arrival.
This history has proof that islam is peaceful religion

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