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Written by M. Sena

I would invite you to understand Islam. Here I lay out orientalist views about Islam, so you can receive objective information about Islam. Here are two Orientalist view of Islam, they are  very honest when undestanding islam.
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 Bernard Show’s view

A philosopher Bernard Show said: actually I keep all the respect for the religion of Muhammad because of their authenticity are amazing. He is the only religion that has great strength in accordance with the street life because they are constantly changing, and can be applied at all times. I really have studied the life of a very amazing man. He should have given the title "savior HUMAN", which in no way contrary to Jesus Christ. I believe if people like he was given taufik in solving all the difficulties, which can bring this world to the joy, serenity and peace that highly coveted mankind today. Really I have forecast that the future of Europe will accept the teachings of Muhammad this and now it's already started to happen.

Karen Armstrong's view

Well-known British writer Karen Armstrong, stated that Islam should not be associated with terrorist attacks committed by people who call themselves Muslim. Because, the act of those people actually have violated the essential principles of Islam.
Armstrong writes, "We need a more fitting word than 'Islamic terrorists'. Al-Qur'an prohibits aggressive warfare, war is permissible only for the sake of self-defense. The values of true Islam actually teaches peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness. "
"Although Muslims, like Christians or Jews, have often failed to put forward its idealism, it is not because of his religion," said Armstrong. According to him also, Islam is a religion that teaches peace, love and tolerance, and have never done that relates to religious coercion.

"For centuries, Islam has had a better record in terms of tolerance than Christianity. Islamic law does not justify a war against the country that provides freedom for the citizens of Muslim worship. Islam forbids burning, destruction of buildings, and killing of innocent civilians in military campaign, "added Armstrong.

He also expressed his amazement, why the bloody bombings carried out by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) does not make people immediately equate Christianity with terrorism, as they relate similar case with Islam.

"We rarely, never even made a group called the bombings 'Catholic' IRA as a terrorist, because we just know and realize that this issue is essentially not a religious campaign," he said.

"Of course, as well as the Irish Republic movement, many fundamentalist movements in the world which is still fairly new, forms of nationalism are disguised in religious matters is thick. This is clearly seen in the case of fundamentalism among the Zionists in Israel and the spirit of patriotic struggle of Christians' rights in the U.S., "wrote Armstrong.

Author of Islam: A Short History was also criticized the stereotypes the word 'jihad' is interpreted as holy war. "Extremists and unscrupulous politicians have been stealing it for their own purposes. The actual meaning of jihad is not holy war, but the struggle. Muslims are commanded to fight tooth and nail on many aspects - social, economic, intellectual, ethical, and spiritual - to carry out the command of God in everyday life, "he stated.

Armstrong says, jihad is an indigo-good spiritual values, which for most Muslims have nothing to do with violence. He considered a number of people who have made the mistake of calling terrorists as 'jihadists'. He stressed again that the terrorists do not represent Islam.
Islam is peaceful religion.

Based views of two intellectual above islam is not violence religion, but islam is peaceful religion. Islam teachs about peace, equality and justice. We have to finish negative thinking about islam. ( source :
http://archive.kaskus.us/thread/3639458 )

“Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion”

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