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Some people say that something should be done in the name of religion. Islam is peaceful religion, but  in fact, there many misunderstanding in this religion, so there some practices that wrong. Therefore, it would be wrong in the form of religious thought and these people as an example. The best way of understanding religion is the divine source of learning.

Divine source of Islam is the Qur'an, which is based on the concepts of morality, love, compassion, humility, sacrifice, tolerance and peace. A Muslim living in the sense of this teaching would be more polite, careful, humble, simple, fair, reliable and easy to accept. He will spread the love, peace, respect, harmony and joy of life around him.

Islam is peaceful religion

Terror, in the broadest sense, is violence against non-military targets for political purposes. To put it another way, the target of terror are entirely innocent citizens to whom the act is only criminal in the eyes of terrorists, is to represent the "other side". For this reason, terror means subject innocent people to violence, which is the act of losing any moral justification. This, as in the case of murders committed by Hitler or Stalin, is a crime against humanity.

Al-Quran is the Book revealed to people as a guide to the right path and in this book, God commands man to adopt good morals. This morality is based on concepts such as love, compassion, tolerance and generosity. The word "Islam" comes from the word meaning "peace" in Arabic. Islam is the religion revealed to mankind in order to bring peace through life's infinite compassion and mercy of God on earth real. God calls all people of Islamic morals through compassion, mercy, peace and tolerance that can be experienced throughout the world. In Surat al-Baqara, verse 208, Allah says the following:O ye who believe, enter ye into the whole of Islam, and do not share the steps devil. Verily Satan's enemy to you. (Surat al-Baqara: 208)

This verse explains, security can only be ascertained by the "entered into Islam", which is living with the values ​​of the Qur'an. The values ​​of the Qur'an hold a Muslim responsible for treating all people, the values ​​of the Qur'an to maintain a Muslim responsible for treating all people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, kind and fair, protecting those in need and not guilty and "prevent the spread of damage". Damage consists of all forms of anarchy and terror that remove security, comfort and peace. Allah says in the verse: "... ... and God does not love corruption." (Surat al-Baqara: 205)

Killing people for no reason is one of the most obvious example of the damage. God repeats His command in the Qur'an that were previously revealed to the Jews in the Old Testament:Therefore, we set (a law) for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a human being, not because the person (murder) of others, or for causing corruption in the earth, then as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever cares for the life of a human being, it is as if he had kept all of human life. And there came to them Our Messengers with (carrying) a clear proofs, and many of them after itusungguh went completely beyond the limits of mischief in the earth. (Surat al-Maa'idah: 32)

This verse explains, people who kill even one person, "except in replies to other people or cause kerusDalam this case, obviously is a great sin to kill, massive killings and attacks, known known as" self buhuh attack ", which was conducted by terrorists.

God tells us how this cruel face of terrorism will be punished in the hereafter in the following verse:The blame is on those who do evil to man and beyond the limits of the earth without right. They were given a painful doom. (Surat ash Syuura: 42)

All this reveals that the act of a terrorist organization against innocent people completely contrary to Islam and in it is unlikely that any Muslim could ever commit a crime like that. Instead, Muslims are responsible for stopping these people, removing "mischief on earth" and bringing peace and security for all people around the world. Islam can not be reconciled with terror. Instead, he must be a solution and a way to prevent terror.


God has commanded people to avoid doing evil: oppression, cruelty, and carnage is strictly prohibited. He says those who do not obey His commandments as "followers of Satan's footsteps" and adopting a stance that was declared open for sin in the Koran.Some of the many verses about it in the Qur'an:..... The people who break the covenant of Allah after plighted their word thereto, and to decide what God commanded to be joined and make mischief in the earth, the people that curse and for them to obtain residence poor (Jahannam). (Surat ar-Ra'd: 25)

Eat and drink ..... sustenance (given) Allah, and do not roam the earth with mischief. (Surat al-Baqara 60)And do not make mischief on the earth, after (God) to fix it, and pray to Him with fear (will not be accepted) and expectations (be granted). Surely God's grace is very close to those who do good. (Surat al-A'raf: 56)Thus Islam is love peace and strongly condemned acts of terrorism because Isalam scaled back to earth was to be a blessing for the whole universe "Rahmatul lil 'alamin". :)

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