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Written by M. Sena

May be there is some one who has question why some one chooses islam as his religion ? Really some one who chooses something certainly has a lot of reason. I think impossible some one chooses something without thinking before. For example one day Mr. Ali should buys apple at the fruit market, I believe before he buys it he see a pile of apple fruit and touch it one by one, if there is no apple which he want he will  moves from one apple seller to other until he got  an apple that he want. Of course he want an apple that has best quality.
I think in choosing a religion not much diferrent from Mr. Ali's experience above, more religion just not for life in the world but for akhirat too. So choosing a religion should be more selective than choosing anything. Choosing a religion should based by it's truth; of course truth in historic and teaching. The religion in saveral teaching that has relationship with the world case  should be  compatibility with the logic and science, so truth in religion has meaning truth in logic and science. Here I say to you all these all is my reason why  do I choose islam as my religion. Below I will explain to you all about truth in islam.
1. Islamic teaching in the qur'an has truth in historic.
Every day I read the qur'an, I find the God message in the qur'an : Yunus : 92: ( "This day We save you body (Pharaoh), to be a lesson for the people after your time, and most people ignore signs of Our power." ). This God message compatibility with the historic truth. Prof. Dr. Maurice Bucaille a famous surgeon from french one day got task from the french goverment to did a research about the bodies of Pharaoh in Egypt. When he did an aotopsy to saveral pharaoh's bodies he found one of them had very high salinity. After he connected his invention with the God message above he had a conclution that the body of pharaoh that he dissected it was pharaoh who lived in Musa time. This is an evidence that the God message above true in historic. Because of his found Prof. Dr. Maurice Bucaille choosed Islam as his religion. Then he lived in peace.
2. Islamic teaching in the quran has truth in science.
Word of God in surah Al-Muminun verses 12-14 translated by Prof. M. Hasby Ashiddieqi in his commentary, An-Nur, thus: "And verily We made a clean man from clay, then We creat it  semen stored in a sturdy place, then We made the semen was a blood clot, then We creat it piece of meat; We made from meat bones, bones that we wrap with meat, and then we made new creatures (perfect human). Almighty God blessed the Lord who made the clever-clever things. "
Noting this verse, it is clear that the second period of human events is al-alaq after al-nuthfah. And it can be concluded that the process of human events consist of five periods: (1) Al-Nuthfah, (2) Al-Alaq, (3) Al-Mudhghah; (4) Al-'Idzam; and (5) Al-Lahm.

If one is studying embryology and believe in the truth of the Quran, then he is difficult to interpret the phrase al-'alaq those with a lump of frozen blood. According to the embryology, the process of human events are divided into three periods:
1. Period Ovum
This period starts from fertilization (conception) because a meeting between the sets of genital father (sperm) with the mother cell (ovum), which both unite and form the core structure or a new substance called a zygote. After fertilization took place, zygote divides into two, four, eight, sixteen cells, and so on. During cleavage, the zygote moves into the pregnancy pouch, then attach to and eventually into the uterine wall. This event is known as implantation.
2. Embryonic Period
This period is the period of formation of organs. Sometimes organs are not formed properly or not at all formed, for example, if the zygote cleavage does not depend or huddle in the uterine wall. This can lead to miscarriage or birth defects.
3. Foetus Period
This period is the period of development and the perfecting of the organs before, with the development of very fast and ends at birth.
Back to the paragraph above, we see that the first period according to the Quran is "al-nuthfah, al-'alaq second period and third period al-mudhghah. Al-mudhghah - which means a piece of meat - according to Al-Quran (surah Al-Hajj verse 5) is divided into two possibilities: mukhallaqah (perfect it happened) and ghayru mukhallaqah (not perfect).
From here if the adjustment is held between embryology in the Qur'an in the process of human events, it is evident that the third period, called the Qur'an as al-mudhghah a second period according to embryology (embryonic period). In this period of formation of the most important organs. While the fourth and fifth periods according to the Qur'an the same as the third period or fetuses.
In discussing al-'alaq - which by the mufassirin defined by a blood clot - were found with the contradiction between the interpretation of the results of scientific investigation. Because the period of ovum consists of ectoderm, endoderm and amnion cavity, the amniotic fluid contained therein. These elements do not contain blood components.
From this starting point they rejected the interpretation of al-'alaq with a blood clot, liquid or frozen. They argue that al-alaq is something that is dependent or huddle. This interpretation is consistent with the understanding Arabic, and in accordance with the embryology also called implantation. Arabic does not make sense for al-'alaq frozen blood, but one of the means is hung or attached.
Al-Raghib al-Ashfahaniy, explain some of the meaning of al-alaq according to the Arabic language, including: dependent and attached. In the dictionary Al-Mishbah Al-Munir, meaning al-'alaq is "something black like a worm in the water, when drunk by the animals he will rely or impeded in its throat" .19 ( Muhammad Abid :
All of these is prove that the God message in the quran is compatibility with the founding of modern scientis. 
After get saveral of these proven I believe with my choosen. My heart become peace because of it. And of course my life will stay in peace, and islam will always called peaceful religion.
"Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion."


udin said...

I think this article so good. I believe too that truth in Islam is very compatibility with historic and sciece. Good luck Mr. Sena. Some time I want disscuse with you.

Rubby said...

Hay friend, I interrest with your article. I think your article can gives me some new knowledge about islam. Thank so much.

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