Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Do not look at Islam from its symbols, look at the substance of his teachings.

Written by M. Sena    
Many people judge that someone said  “islami”  when she wore an Islamic shirt, beard, and often using Arabic terminology in everyday conversations like “ antum ( you – for men -, ana ( I ), afwan ( sorry ). While the people who wear local clothing such as batik, not bearded and rarely use the term Arab in their daily conversations are often said to defeat Islamic. This view is common everywhere. Why do they view this? Since Islam was revealed in Arabic, so most people assume that everything that comes from Saudi Arabia they call  Islam.    In my opinion this view is not entirely correct. We should not judge someone as a muslim religious by symbols which he/she wore. Rather we must assess the person's level of implementation of Islamic teachings of Islam, the extent to which he is carrying out the teachings of Islam. Therefore, in order not wrong in judging a person then we have to understand in depth what the real Islam is.    Islam is not synonymous with Arabic symbols, but Islam is a universal and peaceful  religion. Islam can enter and blend with the existing cultures all over the world, of course, cultures that do not contradict with the core of the teachings of Islam that is "the Oneness of Allah as the Lord of all nature" So Islam is not anti-cultures, but the fact that even built and develop cultures to be more valuable.     At least there are three main things that are taught by Islam, first Islam sets of human relationships with God, scond  Islam regulate social relations humans, including control over how a man should build a nation and state, in order to people can live in peaceful, and the third Islam sets of human relationships with the surrounding environment. So up to now islam is peaceful religion.     Human relationship with God will be well maintained if the Man has communicates intensively with Him, the best way already teached by Messenger Muhammad SAW to communicate with God is by doing the praying five times plus the sunna prayer, dhikr and prayer. Human relations will be interwoven with other well when humans are diligent visit each other as called silatirahmi.. Silaturahmi is a practice highly recommended by the prophet Muhammad. By gathering people will get a lot of good, both in this world and ukhrawi nature.    
Thus Islam was born as Rahmad for all creatures. Islam teaches how people should achieve peace in the world to live a good life and the hereafter. Therefore, Islam is often referred to as peaceful religion. Islam teaches that human beings do good to parents, communities, and environment. So people would say if she could practice the Islamic teachings of Islam with a good and thorough, although she was not wearing a turban, robe and beard. Do not look at Islam from its symbols, but look at the substance of his teachings.
“ Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion “

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