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Towards the apostolic Prophet Muhammad all over the world there have been a variety of religious beliefs held by people such as Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Jewish, Christians and others. Which religion has a belief about God and the teachings of different religions.
A large number of religions and this flow is the background and reasons as to why Allah Almighty sent Prophet Muhammad as his messenger.

Genealogy of Pre-Islamic Arabs

The Arabs have long roots in history, they include the Caucasoid race or clumps, in the Mediterranean Subras whose members include the area around the Mediterranean, North Africa, Armenia, Arabiyah and Irania.
Arab nation nomadic, nomads, because the land consists of a dry desert and very little rain. Transfer them from one place to another following the growth of the steppes (grassland) that grows sporadically in Arab lands around the oasis or puddles after rain.
When viewed from the origin of heredity, population Arabia can be divided into two major categories, namely: Qathaniyun (descendants Qathan) and 'Adaniyun (descendants Ismail ibn Ibrahim)

Pre-Islamic Arab Civilization

Arab civilization is due to the influence of culture on the surrounding nations are more advanced than the Arabic culture and civilization. Such influence into Arabia through several channels, the most important of these are:
through trade relations with other nations
through protectorate kingdoms, and Ghassan Hirah
the entry of Jewish and Christian mission
Although Judaism and Christianity have entered into Arabia, most Arab nations still adhered to their original religion, which is believed in many gods are embodied in the form of idols and statues. Each clan has its own idols, and the focus on the Kaaba.
Arab people are a proud people, but sensitive. The pride that caused the Arab nation has a well-known literature, Arab history and the crown of glory in the classical world and the Arabic language as their mother tongue the best among the other languages ​​in the world. Several other properties of pre-Islamic Arab nations are as follows:
physically, they are more perfect than those of Europe in various organs of the body
less good in the organization of union strength and weak in action
heredity, wisdom and courage more powerful and influential
has the structure arranged in tribal or clan chiefs
does not have a regular law, personal strengths and stronger tribal opinion and attention
position of women is no better than animals, women are considered goods and livestock that do not have rights. After marrying her husband as king and ruler.
In marriage, they know some kind of marriage, including:
istibdha, ie a husband asks his wife to making love with men who considered noble or has certain advantages, such as courage and intelligence
polyandry, that some men with a womanwho do sex activity
maqthu ', ie a man marry his stepmother after his father died
badal, namely exchange without divorcing first wife for the purpose of satisfying sexual activity and avoid boredom
shighor, ie a child's guardian or sister in marriage to a man without a dowry
A brief description above shows that the social conditions tend to be primitive Arabic though, has a value of a high civilization.

Moral Pre-Islamic Arabs

State of arab nation at that time very depraved morals at all, they are immersed in the world of gambling and drunkenness, robbery and looting was widespread, they frequently intercept the trade caravans, even more than that they are happy to plant a baby girl alive .
Status of women at that time very degenerate once among the Arabs. They can be inherited as objects or animals. Sometimes also the kind of woman are forbidden to eat food that is devoted to men only. For men are allowed to marry as many women as possible without limit. And even some of them there who kill their children for fear of being displaced.
Mankind before the coming of the Prophet Muhammad had forgotten to his god, did not even know the nature of his own being and sense of loss of consciousness hidupnya.mereka has not even been able to distinguish between good and bad.
Because the Prophet Muhammad was sent in the Arabian peninsula
God chose the Arabs as the first nation to accept this religion that will be forwarded to all corners of the world, therefore the hearts of the Arabs still clean, not tainted with impurities which are difficult to be removed as there is with the Romans, Persians, Indians who have been misled by all kinds of science, culture and their philosophy is very broad. Hearts and minds once they're very messy, difficult to treat. Unlike the Arabs, their hearts were only slightly tarnished due to their own stupidity. It is easy to treat.
Generally, the Arabs were still clean, they will remain high. They live in a natural strong-willed nature. They will fight against the truth (Islam) before the understanding of the essence. However, they have to understand where they have, they really love and defend it fiercely. Muhamad came to spread islam as peaceful religion


Definition jahiliyyah propaganda targeted the Prophet to be appointed from darkness to light, not directly related to illiteracy, do not know ethics, by definition those of us who claim to ethical nor poverty and underdevelopment.
In the course of propagation of the Prophet and those who followed them, jahiliyyah has found her identity as a disease that affects confidence, he is a myopic view of yng disrupt the nature of life, humanity and worship.
Indeed jahiliyyah can be born from the womb of ignorance that accompanied suspicion, misunderstandings inherited from generation to generation, simply from ignorance so often, but not infrequently also, jahiliyyah sourced from knowledgeable persons are overbearing and oppressive prestige or power that does not want to lose position.
Matarantai jahiliyyah that stretches throughout history are connected by a common thread: Shirk, his form of aliance or even replacement of the right of God as god, as god almighty God.


Judging from the offspring, the population of the Arabian peninsula was divided into two broad categories:
Qathaniyun (descendants Qathan)
'Adaniyun (descendants Ismail ibn Ibrahim)
Arab social conditions although it is likely primitive, but they have high values ​​of civilization
Moral of the pre-Islamic Arabs very badly, including: Gambling, drunkenness, and robbery and robbery occur everywhere, even the position of women is equivalent to cattle
God chose the Arabs as the nation's first recipient of the religion of Islam, because the hearts of the Arabs still clean, not tainted by the impurities that are difficult removed as on other nations.
Jahiliyyah is a disease that affects confidence, he is a mess myopic view of the nature of life, humanity and worship

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