Sunday, 26 September 2010


Written by M. Sena

Do you know what is the meaning of Islam ? The word "Islam" is taked from arabic word " aslama-yuslimu-islaman " it's meaning is safe, happy and submision. Then "Islam " being the name of religion that taked by the last prophet, Muhammad SAW to gives peaceful, safe and happiness for citizen around the world. In order to Islam is Peaceful Religion.
Life in peaceful is something that everyone want it. So it being life purpose. There are a lot of way that everyone throuh it to get peaceful. For example; looking for money more and more, then buy a beautiful home at nice place with beaultiful garden or buy villa at the top of blue hill which located beside beach, or visiting wonderful place in the world, and the other way.
In fact many men and women who have much money, big home, and high position but their life is very far from peaceful.

Then where is peaceful ? And how about the true way to get it? You all must know ! Peaceful is in heart and mind. Heart and mind will be peace ar4e supporting by our attitude to our life. So we hat to have true attitude of life. How to do it? Here Islam will give you an answer. As peaceful religion Islam have many concepts of peace life. Islam will teach you about the true attitude of life.
So please you all stay in this blog at next.

" Say to the world that islam is peaceful religion "

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